Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More on Russia & Japan

It makes me wonder whether or not Putin is quickly re-positioning. He can talk Ukraine, Syria, Japan, even though it looked like he was talking to Japan directly- now suddenly, it looks like he isn't.

Is this for more bargaining chips with Trump? I am sure Russia is hopeful about Trump, but they've got to be pretty wary of Americans given how the Empire has been treating them.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Speculative Horse Trading With Foreign Powers

Adam and John had this clip of Professor Stephen Cohen suggesting Putin has a problem with ultranationalists in Russia. Supposedly, they think Putin might give up on Ukraine, for Syria. This doesn't make sense, since all Putin has to do is wait, but clearly the ultras are a problem.

Meanwhile, there's Abe, looking to conclude a treaty with Russia. He needs a few islands back from Russia, which would make him more popular. Trump, should he choose to do so, should be able to exert influence in Ukraine, at least getting the pro-Russian areas safe from Kiev until something more stable can be arranged. As per my previous post, Abe is probably looking for a good deal with Trump (as well as Putin) to secure his popularity back home.

I don't know if Putin would view this agreeably, but presumably getting the homeland of his people secured should be valued more by the ultras than a few islands that they stole from the Japanese.

Having cooperation between American, Russia, and Japan would also be a good prelude to discussions with China.

The Japanese Love Ivanka

1.) Japanese admire success, beauty, and motherhood.
2.) Abe appears to be somewhat isolated even within his own party, which probably means he would make deals really good for America with Trump- IF he can sell them in Japan as good for Japanese too.
3.) American media still lies- even worse than the liberal Japanese media, who, apparently, can only 'insult' Ivanka by saying she's 'too pretty.'

I'd like to find more people like Yoko from various countries to build a clearer picture of what's going on- you know, do to the job we've been wanting the media to do all these years. Unfortunately, the mainstream media, when they aren't pushing leftist crap, are pushing whatever the intelligence agencies want us to believe. Also, since they struggle to make money, they tend to need bad news, conflict, etc...- which results in higher traffic for them, but less good for us. Despite various liberal and libertarian worries about Trump's call to change libel laws, we can actually benefit from forcing those in the business of news to hold a higher standard.

The Founding Fathers Were Fathers

Once, long ago, but not in a land far away, fathers actually thought about what they would leave to their children.

I have seen some critiques of the white identity movement, along with some of the white identity stuff itself, where the whole issue of race seems to be overshadowing this much more basic truth. Certainly, the founding fathers were also white, but...

Whoever you are, whatever your conception of America is, you should admit to yourself that if the founding father's intention of preserving and improving the lives of their own descendants fail, then whatever you want out of America is going to fail too.

You might have had a bad father. One who did not think about the future much. One who was not concerned with providing for future generations. The left's answer seems to be to completely ignore the wishes of the good fathers. They take what they can. They often pretend to be distributing it, but somehow a lot of it ends up in their own hands- as the Haitians can attest to.

So, initially, it might seem good to you to stick with the left, especially if you are obviously not one of the the founding father's descendants, because they are willing to just give you something. But, you can look around and, perhaps, notice that trust fund babies (for all theirs neuroses) are living better than you are. The real thing you want is a good father, not a distributive government.

The first reality is that conditions need to be created where fathers actually produce- to our modern minds it would be appropriate to say over-produce, because this is what the founding fathers and most fathers before modernity did. When they could, they would produce more than they or their living family needed so that the family would have it in the future, when he was no longer around.

The second reality is that if you aren't an actual descendant from a good father (or a founding father) you should realize what you are asking for is really adoption. Unless, of course, you are just asking for the destruction of the family for your own immediate benefit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shockingly Stupid Science Continues

From, can too much fatty food harm children's brains?

Scientists compared the brains of juvenile and adult mice fed either an extremely high-fat diet or a more typical diet. The fat-rich diet contained high levels of saturated fats.

After just four weeks, young mice fed the high-fat diet showed signs of impaired cognitive function. Problems materialized even before the mice started to gain weight.

Mice have different diets than humans. Mice also have smaller brains. Brains have a high composition of fat, so it follows that children should have more fat than young mice.

We can start with milk, the human kind, and note there is plenty of fat. Additionally we can look at this tiny little newborn babies and figure out the are going to need the materials that a big adult human brain is composed of in order to actually grow a big adult human brain.

Why the hell does anyone do this stupid science anymore? Worse, why do people pay for this, and why doesn't the article I linked to point any of this out? It isn't fair and balance to let idiocy continue to rule the day. This is just stupid. Kids need lots of DHA, cholesterol, and a variety of fats- including various saturated fats.

Instead some idiots are paying for research that enlightens no one. This isn't science; it is mouse abuse. The only thing we have learned is that forcing mice to eat non-mouse diets causes them damage. Did we not know that already?

It is particularly sad and pathetic because, in humans, there are high-fat diets that are actually therapeutic and help fix damaged brains. The ketogenic diet is good for epilepsy and certain forms of brain cancer. Now, that means we can use it to help heal a brain. The protein levels at therapeutic diet levels are probably too low for optimal human body growth, but in terms of the brain itself, I have no doubt a human child's brain would develop quite well on such diets.

I do wish I could berate these people more. This is so profoundly foolish and unscientific- and the article not journalistic in the least, but likely a mere rehash of a press release. I haven't heard these people go off narrative once, so I don't hold them in high regard.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Will the Coming Wave Of City Bankruptcies Interfere With Trump's Infrastructure Plan?

Changes in the Government Accounting Standards may cause trouble in the municipal bond market in the coming summer:

The provisions in Statement 73 are effective for fiscal years beginning after June 15, 2015—except those provisions that address employers and governmental nonemployer contributing entities for pensions that are not within the scope of Statement 68, which are effective for fiscal years beginning after June 15, 2016. The provisions in Statement 74 are effective for fiscal years beginning after June 15, 2016. The provisions in Statement 75 are effective for fiscal years beginning after June 15, 2017.

Looking at this overview, it appears that these regulations are moving various unfunded retirement liabilities from places like the notes section to the employer's balance sheet.

As the unbalanced nature of the balance sheets become clear, the bonds will become worth less. More and more cities will become officially bankrupt. Many already are, technically, but have been able to make a charade of it for some time.

Needless to say, various politicians will try to get D.C. to bail them out, which is trouble in itself, but I see another problem.

City governments would normally be involved with infrastructure projects, but if the project is contingent on their ability to function in anyway, then Trump's infrastructure projects may be left unfinished. Indeed, some of these city politicians would brazenly use it as leverage to get a bailout.

Most of the states aren't much better off, and Puerto Rico is going to try and become a state, mostly because they are unhappy with not getting a bailout themselves.

Hat Tip to DHunplugged. I should also mention the Survival Podcast.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Look to the Shepherd, Not the Sheep

I guess maybe I like the similarity to biblical parables- I keep thinking we've had a shepherd problem, on many scales.

On one scale, Trump wins. On another, people in the Vatican are still letting this Argentinian leftist do his heretic pope bit.

But this stuff happens in schools, parishes, families, etc...

The shepherd was hired for one set of sheep, manages to lose them all, and then pretends he's still doing his job.

If the owner comes and sees his old sheep aren't there, and here are these other sheep, he's going to be pissed off.

In the bible, God would be the owner.

In America, everybody is the owner, so nobody is. A bad shepherd gets away with this crap for longer periods of time.

Funnily enough, there's this strong tradition of private property in America, yet it doesn't work because there are million bureaucrats who have more of a say over your patch of ground than you do.

The minorities who watch too much T.V. may genuinely be worried for their safety, but the white elites who put that crap on the air are just engaging in misdirection. The problem is not the other sheep; the problem is the shepherd not doing his damn job in the first place.