Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dear Trump, Please Avoid The Traps

Vox was touting Trump's hard-line tactics on Obamacare yesterday:

I have no doubt that the bill isn't as good as it should be. Who cares? The point is that Republicans have to stop pretending that they're going to act someday and start acting. Their careers depend upon it.

No one is interested in the noble principles and noble defeats of conservatism any longer. That ship has sunk.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul seems to be emerging as the loyal opposition.

Now the most valuable thing that can happen is that Trump and Rand start to cooperate.

Paul Ryan and many of the people who would vote for this bill are traitors to the cause. Failure is written into the bill.

Anybody remember the Minnesotan politicians versus Gov. Jesse Ventura?

The political class doesn't even need to consciously think about it- they are just going to do it. They are going to aim for the tank, and trust that the bi-partisan anti-Trump propaganda is going to work. In four years, some jerk like Paul Ryan is going to be running against Trump and he will pretend everything- from the bad effects of legislation Ryan passed, to however the Fed jacks with the economy, is all Trump's fault.

So, hopefully Trump is significantly less grudging than the media makes him out to be, and he notices how Rand Paul is shaping up to be somebody to do business with. Trump's instincts are right- he does need to ride herd on the Republican in order to force them to in the right direction- but the details are wrong.

Unfortunately, it appears Trump is also having this problem with foreign policy. This Syria stuff stinks. Again, this is crap is going to be hung around Trump's neck, and it seems to me these morons in the media are using the Russia hysteria to help reinforce serious foreign policy errors. Trump should be making common cause with Tusli Gabbard over Syria.

Here's an idiotic case in point: AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government.
At this point, if someone has a plan that will benefit the Putin government, the probability is high that it will also benefit us. Us, the American people. Maybe even us, the people of the world.

Now, what is this kind of crap, on balance, doing to American politics? Hasn't it made it harder for Trump to talk to Putin? Isn't it likely that negotiations have been delayed rather than prioritized? Aren't we basically continuing a failed globalist agenda instead of listening to the Russians and the Syrians?

Trump's critical test is whether or not he can avoid Ventura's fate. I think he could do it, but he's got to escape these traps set for him.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fifth Column Care

Hunter Lewis notices there's a logical flaw in Paul Ryan's bill:

The Congressional Budget office today reported that 24 million people would lose health insurance coverage under the Ryancare bill. Mainstream Republicans were not pleased to hear that.

But let’s look at this figure a bit more closely. When we do, it becomes apparent that the Republicans have created their own problem. They are trying to keep Obama’s definition of healthcare policies while repealing Obamacare. That is not only an exercise in illogic. It is an exercise in futility.

It isn't futile, for the business interests and politicians involved. This is a crew of people, some of whom are pretending to be somewhat in solidarity with the President, when in reality, they don't give a damn about the President. They want failure, they are fine with the people suffering. They only want to cover their own asses, and make sure those currently profiting from this system keep profiting.

Gringich is also for this bill, and Lewis once again finds this odd:

For Gingrich to take this position is puzzling to say the least. As you may recall, he is the one who crafted the “contract with America” which Republicans used to reclaim control of the House in 1994 after so many decades in the minority. Does he actually think that Republicans will try to explain “Reconciliation” limitations to the voters in 2018 as part of thirty second ads? I think not. What they ought to do instead is to craft a real Obamacare Repeal and Replace bill, fill it full of logical improvements such as allowing insurance companies to offer policies nationally, then stand back and let the Democrats vote it down and filibuster it. Having got the Democrats on record, they could then go back to bills based on Reconciliation, having put their best ideas forward. That would be easy for voters to understand.

Yes, Lewis, this would make sense if the plan involved Trump being re-elected in four years, but the plan does not involve Trump. They hope to scapegoat him- let things fall apart over the next four years while blaming Trump.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Sin of Larping

I had a dream in which there was a type of reality/horror show, one thick with blasphemies and general abuse of Christians. There seemed to be a never-ending stream of Christians who would sign up for this show. They appeared to think their performance on the show was important, because the show allowed others to see them make their lonely stands for Christ. It did not seem to occur to them that, by being a part of the show, they were complicit in the blasphemy and the ensuing general mistreatment of Christians in the wider culture.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Leftist Research Uncovers Their Own Bias

Normally, they learn nothing and just insist that people who disagree with them are evil, but when emotion is evidence, apparently they can begin to understand:

Thanks to Marginal Revolution. I had heard of this before, but it is the sort of thing I expect to be nonsense- because it is nonsense, unless you are the clueless leftist audience for whom this provided much illumination.

I don't know, exactly, what benefit this brings long term. So a small group of liberals finally understand Hilary was a bad candidate. In the NYU article there seemed to be an emphasis on Hilary as being the smart one, and always telling the truth, so their take home is merely that Trump had the better delivery, the better hook.

Now, to me Trump speeches are performance art, whereas most politicians just give speeches. And Trump tries to be really general, whereas most politicians go for untruths. Just like now, when Trump is attempting to actually do everything he promised, whereas most politicians would have come up with all sorts of reasons not do what he said.

Friday, March 3, 2017

This Isn't the First Time Bad Politicians Blamed Russia

The Recusal Disappoints Me

Jeff Sessions displayed a lack of understanding, in my opinion, as to the nature of reality as it is today.
First, there should be no investigation- and, thankfully, since he would neither confirm nor deny that there is an investigation, maybe there isn't.
But he still played into the left's narrative rather naively, and probably believes in a chunk of it. When he recounted his conversation with the Russian ambassador, it was clear he thought Russia was somehow at fault for something in Ukraine, which is unfortunate and stupid.

As bad as the globalist bungling in Ukraine was, what is probably worse is globalist bungling in America, where Sessions needs to be on point and ready to fight with the very people he just appeased. They are not interested in the rule of law.

Sessions should be gearing up for a lot of investigations into what has been going on in D.C. for the last few decades. There might or might not be something to Pizzagate, but there are apparent felonies to be found just watching reruns of testimony before Congress on C-SPAN. These were (and in many cases are) very arrogant people who thought they were above the law. They may still be 'above the law' if Sessions doesn't figure out what's been going on. I wonder if he will, especially given the fact he's been in D.C. for so long. It seems more likely he'll believe too much of the status quo narrative in D.C., and maybe he's dumb enough to think he should go after marijuana rather than his former colleagues.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fake News: Japan?

Apparently, there is such a thing as a Nationalist Kindergarten Scandal:

These commentators appear to believe there is something to this, but it sounds like typical international leftist behavior to me. Remember Pinochet, who was not allowed to live in peace after he voluntarily gave up power. No, they had to keep chasing him.

It is the same thing here, it seems to me. Abe's overtures to Trump were, to the left, unacceptable, and thus they create a narrative about a scandal that is also unacceptable- largely to themselves. You can see these commentators think it's a big deal; you can also see they don't take Trump seriously either. So they are quite likely to be misreading the Japanese public as well. The Japanese media can, just like the American media, continue to blare all kind of nonsense; what matter is the opinion of the people. In America, at least, Trump appears to be winning this war. It is going to be a long war, and fraught with complications.

No doubt someone will attempt to mire Theresa May in scandal as well.