Thursday, April 23, 2015

When Even Daydreams of Paradise Bother Me

Ever watch a type two diabetic chow down on a Subway combo meal? She's complaining about loss of vision. I don't know if the vision would come back or not, but she'd be seriously better off just not eating at all for three days. Or find a freaking keto recipe book and and try that. But no. Must slowly kill herself in the most suburban ways.

At least I can pretend my vices aren't directly killing me, although they do manage to embarrass me greatly from time to time.

Anyway, the paradise part is that I have recently been paying attention to the fact that the Puerto Rican government is trying to be the next Singapore. If you have passive income and you are American, it is probably a good time to move. Additionally, a corporation domiciled in PR can get a 4% tax rate. And PR people don't pay federal income taxes.

And PR looks pretty nice.

And, conceivably, one could actually replicate a full ancestral diet down there. One third meat, one third seafood, and one third pretty things that grow on plants. This is the paleolithic African rift diet, or at least, well educated guess. In some cases it isn't advisable to actually try and recreate this diet- if you are the one eating that damn Subway meal, you should not be eating those attractive sugar bags the plants try to woo us with. Not yet, anyway. Some people manage to reverse the disease completely.

Why is paradise annoying the crap out of me? I am paying attention to it, and can tell there are really interesting opportunities there, but I don't have the resources to take advantage of them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Western Traditions

At Byzantine, Texas,Josephus Flavius put up a post about when to celebrate Easter. What has been sticking in my mind about that post is this:

However, in modern times, the Western Church has rejected the part of the Nicene formula that requires that Pascha “always follow the Jewish Passover.” Western theologians (and, unfortunately, a few misguided Orthodox Theologians as well) now claim that this provision was never a part of the council’s intention, saying that it is not necessary for Pascha to follow the Jewish Passover. This is hard to understand since, by rejecting this provision of the council, they ignore that the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection was celebrated at the same time from 325-1582, as well as the written witness of early Church historians and even earlier canons such as Canon VII of the Apostolic Canons which reads: “If any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon celebrate the holy day of Pascha before the vernal equinox with the Jews, let him be deposed.”

Ah, another 'let him be deposed.' This and more were declared to be the consequences for adding stuff the creed.

Quite aside from doctrine, any serious reading of the councils will have you looking at your church with the same askance as when you hear a politician make yet another unconstitutional declaration, or worse, pass another illegal law.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This Coming Sunday

It is becoming more and more clear that there are rather large contingents in America who are not even aware that this coming Sunday is Easter Sunday for most Christians here in the West. And yet, any good pastor has to get up this coming Sunday and declare victory, a victory that seems dubious to anyone with sense, anyone looking at the current conditions. We are a wasteland, and I am not just talking about those who do not know it is Easter- I am talking about those of us who let it get this bad in the first place.

In order to build- and arguably we are at a condition where we must build, not rebuild- we must understand the nature and extent of the devastation. A foundation of rubble holds no better than sand.

One reason the day is not known is that the meaning of it has been obfuscated by the relentless de-deification of Jesus. If Jesus is merely a man, then the Ressurection is that thing that happened that one time, to that one guy, who supposedly loves us. And we are not sure what it means to be loved by some guy- imagine being in a parking lot at 3am in the morning, trying to open your door, and some guy shows up and tells you he really loves you.

The pagans to whom the message of the Gospels were told were used to human-like gods, and the pagans had desires to become gods themselves. A side effect of such a drive is an understanding of the limits of self-discipline. The pagans knew they could make great gains in improving themselves, yet they knew perfection was impossible under their own power.

The Apostles and subsequent preachers in pagan lands gave a message that resonated with pagans. They put away their old gods and old ways of seeking to attain higher things for a new way. Jesus had two natures, both God and Man, and this God was not similar to the gods they had known; rather this God was perfection. Jesus was the incarnation of this perfection. Instead of living according to the nature of man, Jesus lived according to the nature of perfection.

The pagans saw, in this Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that they could become perfect too- that through Christ their struggle could be made valid via this mystery of the Trinity.

But now we have this personal relationship with Jesus stuff, the Father as an old man with a beard, and the Holy Spirit supposedly responsible for a variety of strange emotional outbursts. We have confusion in our own houses. The failure in leadership, which should be seen rather obviously by everyone now in the political arena, is also in the churches. Notice a left/right dichotomy exists, in which one side evangelizes others to a touchy feely nothingness, and the other has a tendency to eschew anything that the neighbor next door might be able to relate to. This is all failing miserably.

And yet triumph is still the message this coming Sunday. And it will make less and less sense among a people no longer determined to become perfect.

So, what would be helpful for these pastors to do? I suppose this is the first of April and I should play the fool and give advice to those who never take it.

Resign yourselves to smaller churches, possibly losing it all. If you have a small congregation made up mostly of women, you likely have no church at all. Women will go to church to network long past there being any actual life in your church.

Emphasize that we seek to be perfect. We don't just want to be good and get to heaven- our goal is God. The point of Jesus being man is not so that we can relate to Him, but so that we can become perfect.

Drop pretenses of a global unity if you don't have local unity. Work on local unity. If two spouses are divorcing and they won't reconcile, you can't have both of them making a mockery of communion. Sometimes you have to make unpopular decisions.

Look to develop a local economy. Yes, I know this isn't supposed to be your responsibility, but the Christian authorities who would have done it have all been chased out. Now you've got to figure out what could be done to repair it. Where does your bread and wine come from? Getting that produced locally would be a place to start, and that would help avoid a multitude of troubling problems lurking in the modern supply chain.

Understand that there are stages of growth. A culture is easily overwhelmed at the beginning stages, so evangelization is often not only pointless but detrimental- especially if you are at a stage where you need intelligent and perhaps technical people.

Point the women to first Timothy and admonish them they shouldn't try to get around the whole 'women being saved through motherhood' bit.

Stop compromising with the state. For example, the 'marriage license' is what the state uses to sunder what God supposedly put together.

Mysteriously, this advice appears to be about building a culture strong enough to survive and overcome the mainstream one.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Does Science Mean To Certain People?

I keep up with Peter at Hyperlipid and I like to read the comments there too, because he has a crew of highly intelligent folks who regularly thinking of something interesting to say. Here is a little exchange, and unfortunately, one of the persons in this exchange is simply not up to par with the discourse over there:

SuperCheeseUs said
I was diagnosed as type 2 in June, 2011. I cut my carbs to 75. I got no exercise due to DDD.

It took 4-1/2 years to lose 143 lbs., which is exactly half my starting weight.

Within 1 month, my fasting BG went from 200 to 94. My a1C went from 9.3 to 5.1 in a year, and has stayed there. The protein in my urine disappeared along with high blood pressure. Chronic diarrhea and daily mentrual bleeding went away too. No hysterectomy for me. I was 55 when diagnosed, and had gone through menopause. When my BG went way up, I bled every day.

I didn't follow anyone's diet, I correctly made the assumption that diabetes is a disease of carb intolerance, so I cut back quite a bit. It worked for me. I doubt I was ever in ketosis, but don't know for sure, I didn't test.

Then Charles Grashow said
"diabetes is a disease of carb intolerance"

statement not backed by science

I don't know what Grashow means here. Type 2 diabetes starts out it's life as insulin resistance, meaning the body's cells are ignoring insulin's call to take up more glucose. When it gets to the point where the blood glucose levels are known to be dangerous, they call it type II diabetes and start giving you insulin and various insulin sensitizing drugs in an attempt to cram more of the glucose into the cells. This is mostly because the doctors don't expect very many people to change their lifestyle, so they manage rather than solve the problem. The doctors, at least the good ones, are mentioning low carb diets more often these days, probably because there is always that one patient or two who pulls things together and reverses the condition, but seeing a type II diabetic around in my daily life has led me to a conclusion: the carb-addicted person will risk death in favor of continuing to eat carbs. They also risk amputation and other horrible things.

But anyway, to me, the statement that 'diabetes is a disease of carb intolerance' is a sound bite sized statement that fits with the science. It doesn't encapsulate type II diabetes completely, but it certainly paints a picture consistent with the science, and it directly suggests the only solution. Indeed, simultaneous with the high glucose, the type II diabetic is also experiencing too much insulin which is aggravated further by extra insulin- usually of a variety design by pharmaceutical companies to hang around for twenty hours. This is also bad. One could also say- hey, the body is getting insulin intolerant too, but one would still have that one solution- stop eating carbs.

To me, science attempts to explain reality. Perhaps it is telling that Grashow appears to think it backs statements. Is it a god, the NRA, a political party, one of those ghastly women's groups, the FDA?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Secular Guide To Repentance

Ideally, everybody would just be on the same page and understand this stuff, but it is the tragedy of modern times that, as the ability of communication has exploded, so has the babbling- in many cases deliberately so, so that few can understand. But here we have a claim- Monica Lewinsky claims she fell in love with her boss, so let's explore this a bit.

Now, we don't know what sort of arrangement Bill and Hillary actually have, but they are legally married.
Suppose you start feeling love for someone who is married?
What is the appropriate response?

Well, assuming you reflect upon it at all, you know any attempt to interfere with or damage that marriage is injurious to the object of your affections. If this emotional state is, indeed, love, then love requires action, in this case the sort of action where in you leave, and remove yourself from temptation.

We should be at least attempting to improve ourselves, and build up others where we can- at the very least not tear down others.

Being insulted in public, or online, is no fun. I do not like it. Recently there was some hubbub about some kid reciting the pledge in Arabic. I thought it was dopey, but I also thought the highly negative responses to it were unwarranted and contrary to our traditions in America. We never had a national language because our forefathers vision of America was different from the European view of their nations. We could have evolved into a German speaking nation, had the World Wars not made speaking German in this country unpopular. But we've never had an official language, and we didn't have a stupid pledge to a flag that represents a republic that has been dead longer than my grandmothers have been, until some socialist decided we needed it.

But you know what? People are stupid. The list of people who have done nothing wrong (remember the CEO of Mozilla?) that have been the subject of awful public campaigns is long. In the end, Lewinsky can never get what she wants, because the people who are like her- who tear down (whether the operating feeling is hate, affection, etc)- won't repent.

You only have yourself to work on in the end.

Lewinsky needs to acknowledge- to herself- the incongruity, and then take measures to repair what she can. Mostly this would involve staying away from cameras, the press, etc... Indeed, I wonder who convinced Lewinsky to do this stuff now, as the political season is starting to heat up. A Democrat insider trying to sabotage Hilary's campaign?

Anyway, I suspect the other problem is Lewinsky wants a more public and social life, whereas she needs a quiet, medatitive life. Healing happens in a therapeutic environment.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Shame Comes From Inside

Monica Lewinsky has popped up in my feeds because she gave a talk about how public shaming should be stopped.
I have no doubt there were an insult or many hurled at her in a public place, but shame comes from inside.
Shame wells up when you know you've done something wrong.
The great big evil surrounding shame is when cultural Marxists try to instill a sense of shame about wanting normal things.

But Lewinsky has experienced authentic shame, and, apparently, her recourse is to pretend it doesn't come from herself, but that it is some form of oppression visited upon her from other people.

It is a pity nobody understands the concept of repentance these days.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Parasites In Vain

So, I have this whole theory that Christianity has suffered particularly badly from the revolutionary period, revolutionary thought in general, and the subsequent rise of bureaucracy as the source of power rather than nobility. And I dislike modern evangelical efforts because they are inherently progressive in their content- Christian symbolism slapped on top of a revolutionary gestalt, which has never made any sense ever. People revolt against the king- the King does not revolt, nor does the Father.

And I have thought of another example- the relentless and myopic target audience for their evangelical message- people who are disadvantaged in some way, usually socioeconomically. The point here being that the modern evangelist engages people whom they feel they have an advantage over. Since evangelism is fast becoming the sort of social pastime you send your teenagers on vacation to- in the hopes this will distract them from perfectly normal biological urges that a sane Christian society would recognize as valid reasons to get them married- your target audience has to be very disadvantaged indeed.

In other words, not the sort of people who could create, develop, or maintain a church, community, or anything else.

There are, of course, strong biological reasons not to do this, as
Anti-Gnostic has attested to

But it is also cowardly. The relentless marketing of Jesus, of dumbing things down to the point where atheists could be forgiven for believing we are playing at word magic- mostly because a lot of people are attempting word magic with the name of Jesus. It plays well to those with low I.Q., but provides no sustenance at all to the intelligent, and for some reason the midwitted appear to have trouble identifying intelligence now, and they tend to out-group people with any substance.

These are self-destructive behaviors- as witness may I draw attention to the inglorious drop off of any sort of attendance in the very midst of these changes. It is also parasitic in the sense that, in a desperate attempt to get warm bodies into your organization, you seek out the sort who, generally speaking, cannot correct you. Either they simply don't have the intelligence, or they will be made to feel to do so will cut off their access to whatever benefits you can supply.