Friday, December 19, 2014

There Is A Certain Futility To Conversion From One Christian Religion To Another

There are an awful lot of people who use religion as an uncertainty reduction device.
Initially, the convert is providing to the local church he is converting to apparent confirmation of their beliefs. Look, they say, this guy showed up and converted because of the awesome inherent truthfulness of our church. But the convert moved from church A to church B because of a massive disruption in his certainty. He once, presumably, felt that church A had all the answers. Something occurred to destroy that certainty.

In many cases, the convert is also seeking to use the new religion as an uncertainty reduction device.

If he is not very interested in doctrine, maybe the new church will work for a while. If he knows anything, uncertainty will creep up on him again. He may begin to notice Christianity looks like many small flames in darkness, and the flames are not congregated around a particular denomination or authority structure. He may notice the brokenness of communion; the loss of place in this egalitarian and democratic age.

Meanwhile, he may find himself in conflict because he has actually read stuff, cared enough to go look at ecumenical councils, read the bible, maybe some Church fathers, and tried to follow certain ideas to their logical ends. It doesn't make for a comfortable fit in church A, and it won't make for a good fit in church B either.

The would be convert is, in a sense, a church unto himself. He is exercising his own judgement, which necessary subverts authority. How can the authority in church B find themselves comfortable with someone who once decided that his authorities in church A were wrong? Indeed, how hard is is exactly, to notice most authorities tend to behave within the same bureaucratic parameters?

I used to have a strong sense of obedience, but now I realize this is essentially a conservative reaction to uncertainty, and one with a strong tendency to destroy that which we hold dear. So I could see a convert, in the beginning anyway, trying very hard to conform, but his conversion itself was an act of non-conformity.

I do believe, beneath the dross of a century or so, we find a Christianity capable of handling converts. An anarchy of sorts, an apparent cacophony of voices, but an aristocracy of sorts too, for the voices that counted where the voices of those seeking perfection, seeking to be like Him.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Being A Doctor Is Rapidly Becoming Synonymous With Being An Idiot

Michael Hayden defends CIAs awful level of evil by telling us (and Jake Tapper) that we can't possibly comment on what he is now terming a medical procedure.

As terrible as this sounds, this is actually quite similar to things that happen to Americans, in the good old U.S.A., when cops think maybe they are hiding drugs or something. The police take the people to the hospital, and then doctors perform various invasive procedures in an attempt to find contraband.

None of this crap is decent medical care, but some idiot who is called a doctor is probably signing off on this crap.

My boss is still running around with blood sugar too high. They took two vials of blood from her and sent her home- and then prescribed medicines, two of which are unnecessary and too damn expensive, plus set up appointments for other things not pertinent to the issue.

Meanwhile, she personally is the one who said, oh, maybe something is wrong, let me check my blood sugar with a meter anybody can buy. Why couldn't the doctor have checked with a similar meter while she was there? Why not some insulin to bring it down immediately? Yes, I am aware there are likely some quibbles- like maybe you should know how high her insulin is before you give her any, but the thing is here the guy seems more focused on putting her on a statin than taking care of the blood sugar problem.

And now Hayden is spouting this crap. No Hayden, we aren't doctors, but we know that was torture, and we know good medical procedures end with us getting better, not with more and more pointless bullshit being done to us in the name of some 'standard of care' which is increasingly more likely to harm us than help us get better.

If you are a doctor, you better start saying that in an extremely apologetic way. You do not have my respect unless you demonstrate competency.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Allegedly Smart Black Man

So, when idiots who are complaining about the correlation between Neanderthals and intelligence can't understand plain English, I mock them, and tell them to bring me this completely free of Neanderthal dna black genius. It is not for me, although I suppose I could use a drinking buddy, but it is for my poor misinformed opponent- I figure either Mr. Black Genius can explain things to him or just tell him to shut up.

This is a bad example, and one that comes up from time to time:

He may well be a genius for all I know, but if he is, he is an evil genius, spouting stupid crap that white liberals like to hear, so that he can make money.

If he is a smart man, much like if you dear reader, are smart, you have to understand something:

Photons per square inch versus the energy release from oil.

Aliens may or not be unhappy about the murderous nature of our species, but if they are intelligent, much like if any of you are intelligent, regardless of the color of your skin, they will understand that the oil is more valuable than the photons because the oil is more concentrated.

Just think in terms of food. I could literally die trying to eat enough lettuce to keep me alive, or I could let cows roam around, eat grass, and then have some butter, or slaughter the animal and have some meat. Concentrated calories- the only real way to have a 'plant' based diet by the way.

Concentrated energy versus diffuse energy- starlight. No intelligent alien is going to have a problem understanding which one to value. One can also be charitable, and assume, given this perverse regime's insistence on badly educating everyone, that intelligent people could be going around just assuming starlight would be a viable option to run the world if the white people would just stop hating on it. But, now that I have introduced you to the reality, you either pass or fail based on your ability to understand that, for many applications, there just won't be enough photons per square inch, and therefore oil, which is much more concentrated, will tend to be more valuable.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

White God

Not to be confused with this movie by the same name:

Who knows? It is Hungarian, and depending on what's going on there, I suppose this could be a metaphor for some racial tension there. Could also be some crazy feminist's daydream.

But, for me, white god is the compliment those who cry about race keep implying- although I doubt they are smart enough to realize that is what they are saying. How else does it work? They miss the libertarian points, the inherent problems with big government, only recognizing there is a problem when the agents of the state are bearing down on their necks- and then what? It is because the agents of the state are white, not because they are agents of the state, bent on believing it is righteous and true to jump a man for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, because you know the state needs to get it's cut of the tax booty.

See, I can't even play this game, because I know it isn't the color of the skin, but the purpose.

But every day it is implied that government would work if it weren't for the preferences of the white man, like we are gods with superpowers, capable of telling the sun to rise, or the seas to subside, if only we stopped hating. Actually, we did stop 'hating'- the reason a tattooed up idiot gets to be a cop is because we can't be discriminatory about anything anymore.

They don't want to accept the reality of intelligence, and are helped along by cultural Marxists into disbelieving IQ results, but the net result is that we and our products are magic. We are strange gods to supplicate or blaspheme, depending on circumstance.

And since it is intelligence and not magic, the whiteness gives no real indication. Reproductive trends have been dysgenic for a while now. Rewards tend to flow to the scam artists now, rather than true inventors. The Chinese know what's coming- they are frantically trying to figure out the genetics so as to avert the wages of their one child policy, not to mention the mating habits of the few women they do have.

I don't know that this sort of thing ever becomes apparent to all. But I know I am not a god. Not yet anyway. Let you know if God ever lets me level up. Until then, take your complaints elsewhere.

The Downside To Cultural Insulation

There is a thread on the 23&me forums that was dedicated to people reporting their Neanderthal dna percentage and IQ. There was a sixty something year old woman who monitored the thread and kept track of the correlation. She would often try to keep the thread visible by making various comments, and thus she would get some of us to post our scores- and of course, I started commenting on occasion too.

We got regular race based crap. I began to just make outright fun of it because they just won't listen to reason. Intelligence is a multi-gene phenomenon, so a Neanderthal/intelligence correlation does not preclude Africans from being smart, just like the correlation between cancer and smoking does not preclude a non-smoker from getting cancer.

One of the most vocal idiots didn't get what I just posted there, and I called him on it.

Additionally, since most of these retarded comments tended to include a 'black people are smart too' I started saying they need to bring these black geniuses with zero Neanderthal dna around. Perhaps, it is the color of my skin- which they can't see on the internet- that is causing them not to understand what I am saying. Maybe a black man can explain it to them- or tell them to shut up.

The community manager of 23&me has shut the thread down, which is what all these stupid cries of racism were about anyway. Thanks morons.

My boss has been walking around with blood sugar in the 300-400 range, so she finally went to the doctor. She's come back with all sorts of irrelevant tests and procedures that the doctor says must be done, the most annoying of which, in my opinion, is the imminent threat of a statin.

These are both downsides to insulating myself from this moronic culture. I don't watch T.V. and I pay attention to research, and I am amazed that so-called professionals can be so behind, so fundamentally damaging.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Hoax Culture

This is not a rape culture.
This is not a racist culture.
This is not a murderous culture.

This is a hoax culture.

The stories come because they are plausible, at least to those still plugged into the media. When your sense of plausibility is distorted by FOX news, CNN, or whatever your friends are posting on Facebook, you are the target audience.

These are atrocity hoaxes designed, like all atrocity stories (whether true or not), to elicit violence against whomever supposedly perpetrated the atrocity.

Rape hoaxes encourage violence against men.

Racist hoaxes are meant to create violence between the races.

Threat hoaxes are meant to increase popular sentiment for war.

If you take it down to the family level, maybe you can get what I am saying. Parents need to temper their responses to stories in such a way as to ensure their children can survive. Atrocity stories are often designed with the hope that you won't do that- that you will send your children to murder the evil so-and-so, with no regard for future generations or even what happens the next day.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Ferguson Script

I am suspicious. Unfortunately, the left, and most black people are not going to listen to me, and they may well bear the brunt of a Thanksgiving surprise. A good chunk of the left thinks that protest is vital, but to me it is a little like, well, doing symbolic crap and not achieving anything.

But, so far, at least, I see the Ferguson thing as resulting in reinforcing existing biases among those still believing in the left/right dichotomy the elites propagandize us with in order to camouflage their activities. The main pay off that the elites are looking for, at the end of the day, is the idea in the minds of the non-protesting kind that maybe, just maybe, they need a militarized police- because protesters are scary, especially when it looks like they won't accept autopsy reports as evidence.

There's an episode in the first season of House of Cards where Frank Underwood and his lackey keep vigil over a police scanner. They were just waiting for the right event to happen. If you think about how many black men get shot by police in this country, well, I could pick many where the police malfeasance is inescapably obvious. Why did the usual political suspects show up in Ferguson? Who calls Al Sharpton and tells him to go there, rather than to shootings in California, Louisiana, Illinois- any one of a dozen places where even the KKK would agree murder of an unarmed man was perpetrated by cop?

Instead it looks like various government agencies are gearing up against a bunch of people who don't understand tactics, and will likely be at a serious disadvantage, despite looking dangerous on television.