Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Internet Kettling?

Bruce Charlton:

From 21 April, the traffic for this blog has suddenly and without precedent plummeted - halved from over 3000 to about 1500 daily views; and also the Google daily search listings for my name have halved.

(Indeed this trend of - deliberately - declining sensitivity for Google searches has been going on for more than a year.)

I've no idea what happened - but somebody, somewhere apparently doesn't like me - or people like me - or blogs... and some kind of new block or delisting or whatever is now/ was put in place.

There's also been something similar noted at vault-Co.

Sometimes youtubers complain about similar stuff.

I can't complain; my numbers never rose very high in the first place, as far as I know anyway.

But what if we are sort of allowed to play in the sandbox, except the sandbox can't really be found?

I don't think this stops those aggravated enough organize. People on the alt-right are now showing up to route Antifa. It makes the news. People want to know more.

But if they do this, then many of the deeper thinkers won't show up in search. It creates a simplified version of the conflict- not necessarily one the left will win, either. People are getting real tired of the anti-white stuff. People are getting tired of the anti-male stuff too. You think anybody at Fox wants to hire a woman? Or maybe they'll just go all women, all the time- fewer lawsuits and more legs- but the ratings will plummet eventually.

Monday, April 24, 2017

You Have To Go Back

If things keep going the way they have been, 'You have to go back' will be the political message of this decade.

It works rather elegantly. If you have a place to go back to, you get the message. If you are a progressive trying to 'go forward', you get the message.
If you are among the various peoples in America who don't have a place to go back to, well hopefully it begins to dawn on us we've got something in common. Realistically a lot of people can't go back.

But rhetorically, it cuts through a lot of garbage. It's like when I was new to the internet, and I thought the anti-feminist meme 'make me a sandwich' was pure idiocy. Then, much later, I started to realize that many of these feminist arguments sort of deserved that response. I'm rhetorically challenged, but eventually it began to dawn on me these little memes seemed more effective than refutation of points.

Identity politics is not my cup of tea either. Still think most of our discontent would be well served with freedom of association and private property. Oh, and some respect for your ancestors, even if you are a politician. They are taking down the Lee statue in New Orleans, along with some other civil war statues. I think this is criminal, not just because of our history, but because of the future's lack of it. They keep erasing everything. People learn less and less.

The people who made New Orleans were, arguably, more diverse than Detroit. But people don't invest in creating a New Orleans nor a Detroit when they know what the outcome will be. Instead they leave. Much like sane men don't actually engage with feminists- certainly don't marry them. These are all deal breakers.

The best memes appear, at least obliquely, to reference the broken deal.

Ridiculous Opportunities For A Contrarian College Or University

Recently, William H. Briggs pointed out he no longer works for Cornell.

He's a statistician, relatively sane, possible still a little to soft in that passive conservative noble loser sense- but I've got a feeling we could toughen him up.

This reminds me of a few others- Jordan B. Peterson. I think he's a psychologist.

And Steve Keen, an economic professor. Of course, there's various folks associated with Mises.org too.

So, okay, academia is just a bunch of rent-seeking morons now, but I am a wishful thinker. I wish there was actually a place where some real work could get done- and I think there's real value in getting good folks together. People who are actually thinking, rather than propagandizing.

And, naturally, the people who aren't propagandizing are having a hard time getting good positions in Propaganda U. Luckily, some of them can fund themselves thanks to the internet, though it remains to be seen how sustainable that will be long term.

So, it seems to me you can find high talent right now and accommodate them.

And, you get good arguments started. Perhaps even good research done.

I was listening to Rana Foroohar on the EconTalk podcast. She and Russ Roberts talked about a wide range of things pertaining to the tumor on the economy called the financial sector. One of the things she mentioned was that research and development has plummeted because corporations now keep that money around to do things like stock buy-backs.

Oh, I thought, that's why there's no demand for people like me.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

No One Else To Minister To

When I think about church I have a strong image in my mind of plants growing up in the cracks on the sidewalk.
I've referred to this before It is always useful to remember that God is the God of the Living. If your organization is no longer oriented to life, well, life can grow up in the cracks.
I was thinking about what it would have been like for a pastor in Christendom if the bulk of his parishoners just stopped going to church. If children went unbaptized, etc...

It would be most unlikely, mainly because the boss- the local lord- probably doesn't want it to happen, unless he is debauched in some way or something.

But, I think the biggest issue would be that the pastor would have no one else to minister to. In other words, rather than learning the latest immigrant language and trying to build a flock out of who ever is new and allegedly more devout than the originals, he'd be stuck attempting to win back his original flock.

No imaginary move forward. Just what I imagine is probably some pretty painful work. It is easier to learn Spanish, liberation theology and join the revolution. The revolution, of course, keeps eating people and destroying lives- as we can see from the alien like antifa/black bloc types. But you can pretend that isn't part of the game you are playing, especially if they show up and vandalize your church from time to time.

It seems to me our minds want to reject the failure of our institutions. They no longer do what they are supposed to. The terminal stage of bureaucratic rule. But we still want to believe they work.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

If Not True, Useful

Best case scenario: Mike Cernovich is right, Trump figures out the scam, and throws the bums out. Second best case: Trump learns of this narrative, sees it is useful to him, throws the bums out. To make either extra good, actually repent, and admit American presidents shouldn't do this crap even if the gas attacks were true.

That's how Trump could get out of the hole. If Kushner and Bannon both don't want war, then they ought to be okay with showing the press a united front, even if they don't like each other.

As a digression perhaps, because maybe you don't know. Brainstorming, and large meetings are foolish things, unless you are a sociopath engaging in a little theater to make your people go along with what you want to do. If you are actually trying to get good ideas from people, you need confrontations between smart people. Smart people like their ideas, so they'll fight for them. But they'll also hear the critique, and if it is any good, when they calm down, they'll start trying to make their idea better, in response to the critique.

So, as long as they are good people, you keep them around. But if the generals are giving Trump a false picture of the situation in order to promote war, they should be out. And someone needs to be looking hard at whether or not they violated any laws. If we can't find any of our own laws, we could hand them over to the Syrians; I'm sure they violated a few of their laws.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Did Russia Demonstrate A Superior Defense System?

The interesting part of Putin's red line- is that they said America knows their ability to respond well.

As far I am able to ascertain, 60 missiles were launched, but only 23 hit. One simply failed, which leaves 36 missing.

There are various assumptions. Old missiles for instance. But they'd end up somewhere. Unless Russian anti-tomahawk tech works as advertised and they turned around, and dropped into the sea.

If they just used their passive systems to show what they could do, well it would be consistent with their style anyway.

And hopefully the military has enough sane people in it to interpret what it meant.

Of course Trump is now saying they aren't going into Syria. I'm inclined to think they noticed Russia military capacity and don't want to attack.

There's the big idea of something afoot with North Korea. Like I mentioned before, if it was symbolic, or meant for someone else's consumption, it was stupid. It leaves this fairy tale around, where the leader of the free world might just drop bombs on your enemies if you fake a good gas attack. This has been done for years- go talk to some pro-Palestinian activists and they'll tell you about a crap-ton of massacres you've never heard about- including poor beautiful babies!

If you really are worried about the babies, you definitely don't want ISIS thinking all they have to do is kill a few children and then point the finger at whoever they happen to be fighting at the time.

There's Still Stuff To Be Hopeful For

Trump can be depended upon to be selfish. The slight against Bannon is indicative of this. Frankly, its also stupid. He needs Bannon. He'll be a better president with Bannon.

But frankly, the fact that Trump is president is still probably better for us, despite the pointless war crime.

Selfish Trump wants the estate sale tax gone. He's thinking about his future, beyond his death even, and he wants whats good for him.

It just so happens that will be good for us.

I've been thinking about this since the Japanese right were trying to alter their constitution, only to have their emperor go on T.V. and suggest he wanted to retire.

There's no easy path back to where we were. Tradition is good, but progressives have spent much time and energy mining everything. So you go back to what you think is traditional, but it blows up in your face.

But there was only one way things grew- families worked hard to get ahead. They expected to be able to keep what they earned, and hand it down to their heirs.
The men who created Detroit would be far less likely to have ever done so if they knew it was going to be handed over and destroyed in the name of democracy.

A lot of people are looking at other things, like immigration going down. Well, immigration can go back up- and frankly, there are still a lot of folks about. You can bomb Syria, but the legal system goes into to full retard mode if you try to keep people out of the country.

Just remember most of these supposedly awesome things can be reversed in 4-8 years. It doesn't require a functioning Democrat party; the cucks will do it.

But Trump is selfish. He knows he has to get these estate taxes gone, and he knows he needs to roadblock any action against his estate.

And if he does a good job being selfish, he may well make it possible for families to become strong again. For the natural aristocracy to rise again. Of course, the natural aristocracy also falls sometimes; you've got to administrate well, and marry well, or else your family falls. Some other family takes your place.

But this the long game nobody wants to play. Everybody wants to seize the government and try to implement a program, and they usually need your family's money in order to do it. But selfish Trump has a different incentive. And I hope it tugs on his heart more than his apparent desire to be loved.