Friday, July 29, 2016

I doubt the Russians did it, but if they did, I don't care.

Bruce Schneier joins the chorus of people assuming the Russians hacked the Democrats, though he, being an actual security specialist and not a politician, quickly moved to something that might actually compromise our elections:

Over the years, more and more states have moved to electronic voting machines and have flirted with Internet voting. These systems are insecure and vulnerable to attack.

But while computer security experts like me have sounded the alarm for many years, states have largely ignored the threat, and the machine manufacturers have thrown up enough obfuscating babble that election officials are largely mollified.

We no longer have time for that. We must ignore the machine manufacturers' spurious claims of security, create tiger teams to test the machines' and systems' resistance to attack, drastically increase their cyber-defenses and take them offline if we can't guarantee their security online.

Schneier concern over these voting machines is valid, but the repetition of Democrat talking points is not- especially not that part about Trump 'inviting' Russia to fiddle with our elections.

Now, if we think of these voting machines actually being used to subvert the election, where might we find info of relevance to such a plan? Maybe Wikileaks? What's more likely? Russians? Or the same democrats who have happily managed to pull in some dubious votes over the years?

Democrats are hoping their reality distortion field is still up and functioning. You know how providing basic facts about planetary warmth, or lack thereof, doesn't work because they just refuse to believe you. Pay no attention to the content of the leak, but rather assume based on nothing but a bunch of democrats creating a rumor that the Russians did it, that the Russians did, and this justifies non-belief in whatever knowledge you might glean from the leak.

I wish we could shut this reality distortion field down. In fact, why would I care if the Russian's leaked this stuff? This administration- Hilary definitely included- has been playing games with the governments of all sorts in various parts of the world, to Russia itself, with these half-baked embargoes on trade that tend to hurt Europe more than they hurt Russia. They've invited this sort of thing.

If a Bernie supporter could read the emails, and then go over to Trump's website and read the actual policy statements,- instead of listening to the liars who say he doesn't have them- interesting things could happen.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Anarchists & Libertarians Mugged By Reality basically who the Alt-right/NRx are.

One of the basic problems for us to figure out is how to get back to real property based governance rather than bureaucracy based governance. This is not immediately clear. Since bureaucracies and the governments subsequently erected existed to debase the owner's right to choose, and in many cases simply steal from the owner, we are stuck. We can have 'our' candidate seize the tool, but the tool exists to transfer authority to the bureaucrat. The tool must be broken. The owner must become the authority again.

Friday, July 22, 2016

An Interesting Phenomenon

All through this election season, what has made me feel like siding with Trump most are the idiots who malign him. It is often very obvious they would also malign me, and do so even though they don't know me, since I am one of many single white male Americans. They would certainly malign me if they knew me as well.

Trump's policies, however, are not mine. Many of them certainly make more sense than other politicians. I am very happy that he seems less likely to go to war everywhere.

So, Trump picks Pence. I end up feeling less interest in Trump. Suddenly, there's a politico that looks like a career politico. Maybe Trump has control over him, or maybe the elites start planning the assassination now. Maybe a bunch of them get around him and exploit him like they did the Tea Party.

Additionally, I had no interest in watching the Republican convention.

Interestingly though, I get a few things in my feed reader attacking Trump's speech, and here I am tempted to tell the writer off again. It seems to me- and I've read some analysis on the speech, so I am somewhat familiar with it- that everybody should get what was said. Maybe disagree with how to deal with certain issues, but accept that these are issues.

How badly do people have to lose, how wildly disparate to reality do their imaginations have to be for them to shut up?

Well, if they are wealthy and have benefited at all from the last decade or so, I suspect they won't shut up until their money runs out. This is the true reality distortion field. If you are wealthy in this country, you can insulate yourself very well.

Trump obviously has the ability to insulate himself, yet he is aware of what those of us who cannot afford the good neighborhoods have to go through.

This is a powerful thing to be able to do.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black Lives Matter More?

Adam And John have referred to a Harvard study a couple of times. I think it is this one: An Empirical Analysis ff Racial Differences In Police Use Of Force.

The findings suggest there is more use of nonlethal force against blacks.

And the author also suggests there's no racial motivation in lethal force.

And the Black Lives Matter Crowd and sympathetic media appear to be saying the entire study is bull. It seems quite pathetic to me they can't even imagine trying to get white people on their side. They are already insinuating the police are bad; they could, if they weren't wedded to a false narrative, take this study and suggest it means the police are even worse.

In stark contrast to non-lethal uses of force, we find no racial differences in officer-involved
shootings on either the extensive or intensive margins. Using data from Houston, Texas – where
we have both officer-involved shootings and a randomly chosen set of potential interactions with
police where lethal force may have been justified – we find, in the raw data, that blacks are 23.8
percent less likely to be shot at by police relative to whites

I find this a bit troubling because of the violent crime statistics. It would appear the more peaceful get lethally shot more often.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Forgotten Rules

There's this thought that I have had, which seems to me rather simple:

In a community there are the people who are 'the community.'

Then there are people who are outside but who could theoretically be a part of the community.

Then there are the people who are outside but cannot be part of the community.

Among the latter group there might be cases to be made for charity, but there are also hostiles in the latter group.

So, depending on how productive your community is, perhaps some service outside of the community is warranted.

But the life of the community requires prioritizing first for those within, then for those with potential to be, and a distant third for those with no potential. And since there are always hostiles, there should always be warriors.

All quite understandable to an ancient. I wonder what an ancient would think about estimating appropriate growth using n*(log)n.

Evidence For the Devil

Actions going on around the world, whether France, or nearer to home, with these cop killers display a fundamental problem- none of it preserves self.

The black community is more vulnerable than ever, both from the criminals within it, and from police officers who are going to be a lot more twitchy. And then with each new dead white guy, the chances rise that he's cousin to somebody- somebody like Napoleon, or maybe somebody like Mengele. A Mengele with access to dna research.

But even with the supposedly more sophisticated French, we see this same tragic self-destruction. If French socialism was committed to itself, and in anyway coherent, then the fraternity of the original nation would have meant not inviting so many non-french in to be "French." Indeed, by blood, and in temperament, I am more French than many who live in France now.

But French socialism is quite incoherent. Not only are those declared by the government to be French not French, they are not socialists, especially not French socialists.

We get these mad demonstrations of embracing that which will kill, not just all that we held dear, but all that keeps anything going- including the stupid socialism.

Satanic. The word means 'accuser' so there is a very secular way in which you can use this word. Think about these constant cries of racism. They are accusations.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Need For A Very Big Closet

The homosexuals talk about 'coming out of the closet,' but it should be noted a great many things besides homosexuals have exited the closet. Abortion used to be banned. Rich women could fly to other jurisdictions; smart women might be able to get one and get away with it. But the stupid ones would get caught- and about a thousand times more important, the advocates sorely needed to be caught.

We need a big closet.

I don't want a big government. We've already got one of those, and I can see the bad it does. I am not dumb enough to give a new set of targets and tell it to go after them. But there are people who are brainwashing children right now. Breaking them down in front of class, getting them to hate themselves for their white privilege. A teacher like that needs to go to jail.

I am getting more and more sure of this. My leanings are mostly libertarian, but we've got these promoters- progressive activists really, who are ultimately worse than whatever they advocate. The cavalcade of misfits once lived out their misfit lives largely out of view of our families.

I think about how much love and hate have been interchanged. A simple impulse to defend your own people- stop importing people who tend to blow up your own people- this is supposedly hate. Meanwhile, the people who supposedly have a message of love go to Trump rallies in order to attack people.

We are nearing complete breakdown here. Of course, there are even larger closets, otherwise known as entire countries, into which we can return some of the foreign fools.