Thursday, October 30, 2014

Proof That Not-Voting Is More Effective Than Voting

Recently, the Americans for Prosperity sent me what they call a Voter History Report Card. They are showing me what I already know: I have not voted. Their records appear to only go back to 2010, but I stopped voting in 2008. They think it is my civic duty to vote, but I just emailed them to let them know I think it is my civic duty not to vote.

But consider for a moment the nature of this mailing. They had to go and dig up my voting record and then send this thing to me. And they did it twice. Not only that, but it says they will send me another one after November 4th.

Now, all the voting I ever did never got me this level of attention.

My guess is that the Republicans are looking at the poor turnout with a worried eye, since they ought to be able to clean up the next few election cycles. If they can't make it work, despite Obama's incompetent lame-duck act, then we will see the potential for real change- the sort of change that makes elites uncomfortable.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I wish I could make money by provoking death threats

I am not a gamer, but I can tell as well as anyone forced to pay attention for twelve minutes, that a pack of social justice warriors have been highjacking the gaming media for their own ends, and now, apparently, one can make a lot of money by being obnoxious on twitter until something that can be construed as a threat comes in.

I am not on twitter and I only have a facebook account because of family. It is clear, however, that every attempt is being made at having an industry of the permanently outraged. It is clear the gamers are telling these people to go pound sand. They just want good games, not this silliness.

There is this phrase- "make me a sandwich," which I used to think was a very stupid comment to whatever it the feminist complaint was, but it increasingly rings true because no matter how carefully you try to bring the SJWs through the logic tree, they just won't shut up. Make a good game, gamers will buy it. Make stupid games, gamers will ignore them. Try to highjack the gamer media by sleeping around and trying to establish unfair rules that insulate you from having to actually produce- either games or decent journalism- again the gamers are going to ignore you. And hopefully, your funding will dry up. Oh sure, I guess you can probably get the government to prop you up, just like it is propping up every other sick zombie pretense we see in this country.

I seriously think there needs to be another push for decentralized systems on the internet. The feed readers I use, the commenting systems I run into, email, etc- the corporations running the servers are more likely to at least initially respond to social justice workers, or illegal government requests, or active shaping of conversations. The people responsible for the corruption in the gaming media will be out of a job if the free market is allowed to do its work- but you can tell they are hoping for some level of government intervention to insulate them from their own stupidity.

Come to think of it, I don't want to make money by provoking death threats. It would require spending way to much time dealing with people I don't want to deal with.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Israeli History Disqus Appears To Not Want You To Know

In April, I had a puzzling situation in which comments related to foreign policy were blocked. The situation has happened again.

The Creative Minority Report posted Anti-Semitism at Fordham?

I responded:
Israel is a socialist country in which private property is ignored. Jews once lived in Gaza until the Israeli government decided it was politically advantageous to remove them and put Palestinians there.
A mere boycott of Israel is not evidence of anti-Semitism.

A certain ahad_ha_amoratsim asked:
Israel moved the Arabs out of Israel and put them into Gaza? What universe do you live in?

Yesterday I answered. The basic point of my answer was to link to the wikipedia page on Gush Katif. In case you don't feel like clicking, Gush Katif is in Gaza.

Suddenly, comments are being moderated. Yesterdays comment appears to be gone completely. I did another one. It seemed to disappear too. Now, maybe the site owners just turned moderation on, and went away for a while or whatever, but I got fed up with this thing and edited the original comment to read:

Israel is a socialist country in which private property is ignored. Jews once lived in Gush Katif until the Israeli government decided it was politically advantageous to remove them and put Palestinians there.
A mere boycott of Israel is not evidence of anti-Semitism.

I have just edited this comment in the hopes that my clarification will prove ahad_ha_amoratsim's comment is a foolish attempt to ignore the truth. Additionally, the fact that certain comments regarding foreign policy seem to disappear in Disqus worries me that perhaps those who are in charge of shaping American public opinion are in charge over there.

In small print, just above, Disqus is telling me:
Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Creative Minority Report.


But I doubt it.

I think somebody understands that treating devout Jews in such an atrocious way woke many of us up to the fact that Israel is run by a bunch of socialist atheists. From a humanitarian standpoint, all they did was make the Palestinian prison a little bit bigger. It is strategically questionable too. Makes no sense, until you realize the politicians are in it for themselves. They want the people in fear and under threat, because it is easier to manipulate them that way.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Objective Versus Subjective: Having Life And Having It More Abundantly

It occurred to me in all this permaculture design there is another objective measure of life: life per square foot. Some of the gardener types go a bit nuts about this, and try to put in as many different plants as will grow. It is more than plants too, fungi, insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds- from the littlest microbiota to apex predators, if you've got system big enough. I imagine any farmers who want a good nut harvest probably need hawks that kill squirrels. Squirrels are awful, wasteful littering critters who like to grab unripe pecans off the tree and hurl them at my truck. I have never seen a single edible pecan come off that tree.

This is another objective measure of life and having it more abundantly. The God of the living, wants more living, if the old testament is any testament, so there's another, but obviously there are rules surrounding this- which ends up leading to a third objective measure, which I would suggest are obvious health indicators. The children of families in which the parents actually remain together, for instance. Or more direct measures, like muscle mass. Muscle loss is a near universal prelude to death. Sure, sure, people can get run over by a bus, but even there, muscle often affords enough protection to mean the difference between life and death.

The subjective measure is feelings. One is often able to achieve various awesome feelings as a side effect of achieving an objective measure, but the feelings themselves are no indicator. I was watching the first season of The Returned this weekend, which is French zombie series. The French are good with feelings. They'll write all sorts of plots that no American director would touch because the American knows his audience will start asking questions with the word 'how' in them. The French don't care, they are using the plot to drive the feelings; the feelings are what's on display. So obviously, various feelings were elicited in me while watching this show. Probably the most important one was wanting to know what will happen next, but then again, making sure I was sympathetic to various characters was important too.

But at the end of it, I had done nothing more than spend a few hours watching a television show. Feelings. No objective measure achieved. How was Church this Sunday?

The thing about objective measures too, as long as they are ordered properly- one leads to another. Life begets life. As complexity grows, there are more and more niches within which new life can grow. And these niches tend to be niches in stable systems that can last for a very long time.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Geoff Lawton went and found one of those huge swales made by one of FDR's work programs, which resulted in a self-seeded oasis in the desert. So this made me daydream of what could be done.

What if you could get some of those huge earth moving machines- I think they use them alot in Australia, probably in mining, but they ought to be adaptable to be made into swale making machines. For swales to be functional, some math needs to be done regarding how much rainfall, so there would quickly be these green bans in the desert of whatever size is determined to be optimal, but much of the desert would still be dry.

Alan Savory has been suggesting for years that the solution to desertification is properly managed grazing. While it may be true it could be done with grazing alone, Lawton's video suggests to me the process could be sped up considerably.

The cattle spread the biodiversity around, eventually making the parts that still look like a desert look more like the green oasis.

This is the exciting stuff. It is hard to get excited about trying to do something about my home, because my home is in a city, and there are all these damnable rules, many of which result in problems, like not being able to raise meat animals, and a multitude of slugs.

A Question for Those Who "Engage" The World

The guys over at Creative Minority Report let me know that Notre Dame Now Offers Spousal Benefits to "Married" Gays and Lesbians.

Notre Dame is supposed to be Catholic. Catholics are supposed to be Christians. Logically, this shouldn't even be happening.

Now, I have had these little discussions with various folks in about building a city. Now these folks understand this idea in a mystical sense, but one of the telling images I have in my mind is that God might tell them to do something, but then the devil will show up and says 'Evangelize!' The result, of course, is no city, nothing that would even iterate into a city, but instead a form of evangelization so devoid of Christian doctrine that it may qualify as new age crap.
See, these people seem to think that engaging with the 'world' rather than pulling away from it, is the way to effect the world. These people also appear to get quite the dopamine hit when they are socializing in large crowds, so maybe I was not actually dealing anything more than a junkie rationalizing his next fix.

Anyway, to the question- When will you walk away? Here's something I wrote about University of Minnesota back when P.Z. Meyers (a professor there) was desecrating the Eucharist:

All PZ shall prove is his own depravity, and perhaps inadvertently, whether or not the State of Minnesota still protects property rights. I do suggest any Catholics currently at the University of Minnesota watch the outcome of this very closely. It may behoove you to tranfer to another university. We may need to shake the dust off our feet a bit more often in future.

There are actually people at both of these places, who are in the People of Praise, who are mostly Catholic, but who appear to be suffering from this evangelical disease, which is actually just a progressive mindset dressed up in religious symbolism. I know some of them, which is why this question occurred to me.

They obviously have no effect on Notre Dame, unless one were to argue that they have had a negative effect and are in some small part responsible for how far this institution has fallen for providing 30+ years of ineffectual Christianity. Disengaging not only makes sense from a standpoint of self-preservation, it also makes sense from a creative standpoint, because you can't build anything while engaging.

Seriously, when do you walk away?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Can We Get A Blond Chick From Central Casting?

Somehow, after reading about some cameraman who has come down with Ebola, vague memories- about like, every photogenic white chick ever, who wandered off and created months of wall-to-wall coverage about them being missing- began to surface.
Eureka, I thought, we need a blonde chick with Ebola!
It has all the hallmarks of a successful media/propaganda campaign. Nightly photo-collage of college photos, maybe a little footage of her puking in a public place, followed by a media vigil outside some American hospital. Tune in, night after night, to see if she lives or dies.

And it is entirely believable to boot, since American women have begun to make wandering off into dangerous places a habit.