Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Whether President Or Pauper

There is a basic problem in America. Rights were generally conceived has having come from God, given to man, and therefore the government should not abrogate rights.

Corporations shouldn't abrogate our rights either.

Nor should they pretend to have our rights in a manner not consistent with they way we, individually, have our rights. That is, the 'press' does not have freedom of speech or the freedom to access the 'printing press' any more than the average citizen does.

And, additionally, these corporations must have some responsibility, to the individuals that have to deal with them.

IF the President is maligned,

If someone is banned on Twitter,

If Amazon suddenly stops publishing books,

And the allegations are always some violation of some rule- allegations that don't survive simple research, much less a trial. But letting it even get to a trail, in many ways, hobbles the individual when compared to the corporation. The corporations have plenty of lawyers. The people struggle to pay for such things.

Many of these corporations took advantage of the low interest rate environment and ensuing conditions to build out to the point where they are supposed to be platforms- platforms for distribution that function as the printing press once did.

End user license agreements should be illegal. Just sell the product.

Terms of Service- They should not be so vague as to allow political banning under the guise of a rule violation. Stick to what's legal, and things very specific to the running of the site.

Constant lies from the mainstream meda- Root out the CIA agents. Wikileaks was a gold mine, except you don't see many mainstream stories coming from that data dump do you? This is because someone paid by an agency has to continue to treat things marked as top secret as top secret, even after they are released to the public.

Additionally, since they are corporations and using these stories to make money, they should have a higher standard than the lone individual with limited resources trying to get what he thinks may be true out there. Given the nature of their business, fear and chaos, makes them more profitable, because everyone tunes in when there is a crisis. The temptation to routinely create a sense of crisis is strong.

The basic concept- make contract contracts again, and not escapades in corporate over-lordship. When you read your cell phone contract, do you feel you and the company are on the same page? Probably not.

Friday, September 7, 2018

A Potential Future For Machine Assisted Work Outs

This summer I've been trying Power Factor Training (Pete Sisco and John Little). The basic idea is to use heavy weights at the point in an exercise where you are the strongest to overload all the muscle fibers. This is a signal to grow- and, at least in the case of my chest, this seems to be true.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that gyms are not optimized for this sort of thing. The leg press I use isn't even bolted to the floor. It'll only take eighteen plates. There's a little room behind where I put my feet- I threw some more weight on there, but I started noticing the back rest would flex. So I quickly found the limits of the machine. Additionally, with various racks, you get some ability to choose the height, but often it isn't optimal.

And some of the machines I have tried this with- there are sweets spots- more specifically weights- where it seems to work very well. But then, as you try to go up in weight, the stress seems to move away from the muscles you were targeting. There's this old high pull Hammer Strength back machine that seemed to be just nailing my upper back- in straight line from one shoulder to the other- all of these various back muscles really being effected. Perhaps they just adapted, but as the weight got heavier, it seems less effective.

So, there are a few areas where we could improve things. First we help this mind muscle connection along, and get some real-time feedback as to what muscles are actually being effected (and which joints)- preferably, in order to fix potential problems. Currently, due to the nature of heavy weights in a gym, at least some of your attention is going to go away from which muscles are being effected, and towards 'oh shit, if this falls on me, I am going to die.' I would prefer to reduce the possibility of death to zero, although I am aware that such fear may in fact help us achieve our goals.

Secondly, connected intimately with the first, would be the ability to have a greater degree of control over range of motion. In my imagination, I think of two handles instead of a bar- handles which can essentially be placed anywhere- but 'anywhere' would be figured out based on the feedback from the muscles.

Third there's weight and your response to it. Classic problem with regular weights- one side is stronger, so you unconsciously use that side more, and end up making the imbalance worse over time. Immediate feedback and correction would avoid all that. Weight increments can also be smaller and more fluid- and if people do want to use a longer range of motion, it could be changed with regard to where you are in the range of motion. And changed on the fly, based on the level of power you are putting out as you lift.

The other big deal about this sort of training is that the recovery period is longer, and the flip side to that is less time in the gym. So I see this could be very popular in high powered business centers. Really busy guys who want a good physique. Only having to work out every twelve days or so is helpful for them.

But it could also be paired with something like Kaatsu, and provides something Kaatsu is missing. To see a growth response in bones and other tissue, heavy weight is necessary.

And of course, it could just be paired with fun hobbies, family, whatever. I remember Arthur DeVany saying something about going to the gym so that he would be ready for life instead of just going to the gym for the sake of the gym.

I imagine booths, or perhaps platforms. The handles extend in from the sides- and can be set at different heights. Dead lifts, bench press, overhead press- it's all just a matter of moving the handles in to the right place and then locking that in for that particular exercise. And various ways to keep your feet on the floor, depending on what you are trying to do. Lat pull downs with a lot more than your weight, for example. Feedback that might be needed immediately could be shown on whichever wall you are looking at- and a more detailed chronicle of the workout would be available after.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Patreon Killed The Internet Star

Once there were blogs, rss feeds, and people who got into huge arguments with each other.

And that was actually cool. More cool than now, because although folks still get into arguments with each other, there's less in the way of hashing out ideas in real time.

But now, a lot of folks who sort of need the free-for-all in order to educate themselves put up a Patreon page and try to develop an audience.

This is creating a huge drag on the creative and generative nature of the internet. The first drag is Patreon itself, because it decides it doesn't like a person, and shuts that person down. If you aren't shut down, you will tread carefully around those topics you think might upset the corporation. The second drag are the fans.

Having fans, I have to agree, would be great. Especially those thousand true fans internet gurus like to talk about. But think from a quality perspective- if you put up a Patreon page and get fans more or less immediately, well, it's probably due to your attractiveness and gender rather than the intellectual content you put out.

So the fans end up being another drag, especially if you are young, poor, and desperately want to keep the few bucks being sent your way coming.

I've seen a few folks that I followed in the health/diet space go to Patreon and ditch putting their full blogs out. Knowing how they wrote before, I know it isn't valuable enough to go to Patreon and pay to read. The quality insights often happened when people clashed or collaborated in the comments, so their blogs would have to be out in the open for that to happen.

But no. Now we are up for a whole lot of blandness. Just like television. I know people got to make a living, but we need a better way.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Why The Globalists Win

The Right, such as it is, is fragmented and hyper-focused on particularl issues. Japan, being so close to China, encourages one to believe the major problem is the Chinese.

This isn't very different from the people she alludes to- the 'everything is the Jews' guys.

But if you live in a modern country, and you have modern politicians, with modern debt loads, the welcoming of the newer, dumber potential voters will continue to be a thing, regardless of the Chinese, the Jews, or whatever.

And to me, the Muslim element only reminds me of the IQ problem. We need smart people to escape the childlessness trap.

When I think about the Muslims the Chinese are supposedly being very mean to, I can't help but wonder how well would they be treated in a Muslim country? We can't compare them to a higher IQ, relatively free society. And, we also have to admit there have been some terrorism against the Chinese, much like there were terrorist activities against Europe, before 9/11.

So, much as this blog post is, the Right is fragmented, and prone to focus on single issues. Metaphorically, the problem we have is one akin to growing a garden. We need easily defensible land, upon which we can raise a new generation- one taught how to think, decide, and lead, as humans once did, and not as now. We have to end committee derived morality, and remove egotistical bureaucratic thinking.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Troublesome Teachers

Who taught you? This is an aspect of dealing with doctrine, especially when you have people being rather recalcitrant. It isn't so much the doctrine, although obviously, many people are wrong on that front.

But most generally, you were taught by bureaucrats, and they encouraged you to believe bureaucratic ways were important. People in power generally try to encourage you to keep them in power.

So what to do if you are in a little quandary?

For that specific issue, you've got to figure you were at least taught doctrine by the gay mafia, if not the outright pedo-bear mafia. And if you were a particularly sensitive student you might come away with the idea that you are just as bad anyone. But a person in power is likely to act with his power to achieve his goals.

So, by some grace of God I want an authentic marriage. It would be good to be the king, because then I'd have some resources to do something that modernity has made unlikely.

But other people don't have this desire. They want something else, and they have used the power you've given them to make that easier to get.

And many people are stupidly trying to adhere, to what they think is doctrine, but what is in fact, lies designed to reinforce the deviant's authority.

The bureaucrat hates the noble. The pervert hates the patriarch.

You ordain married men because it is okay to ordain married men, and you need priests. You've been needing priests since the sexual revolution started, which is one of the reasons you probably didn't look to hard at ones you were getting. You need to ordain married men, and you need to replace a lot of people.

And frankly, you need a king. You need somebody who gets to put a boot to your head when you do bad things. Modern civil authorities are not likely to save the day because they are bureaucrats and likely just as riven through with pedophiles as the clergy is. In certain sectors (were the children are) it's likely higher.

Friday, August 10, 2018

False Flag Likely

Locked out of Twitter, so I'll say it here. They disrupt Alex Jones and others for a simple reason. Probably not the election. Certainly not conservative. Alex isn't. Anti-war. Anti-Bush.
And most of the other ones anti-war. Identifying as libertarian.
But also guys likely to buck the narrative that is likely to be pushed this weekend.

I'm sure they hope to effect the election, but if nothing else happens, we'll just adapt and overcome. Probably will anyway, but I suspect they want to establish certain 'facts' without interference.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Youtube, Facebook, and others- Just did something illegal?

Via Hank Oslo, what's known as refusal to deal:

A refusal to deal or a concerted refusal to deal is an agreement between competing companies, or between a company and an individual or business, that stipulates that they refuse to do business with another. A refusal to deal violates the Sherman Antitrust Act and other antitrust laws, and is illegal in the United States.

We've had another sort of refusal- a refusal to prosecute, especially back in 2008, but it's probably been going on for decades. We need people to get on this. This is not a free market, and these companies have taken advantage of the swamp and it's influence to gain market share and reduce competitors to insignificance.

I seldom watch Alex Jones. Try to when somebody I like goes on his show, but frankly, it's tough to listen to him. But frankly, I hope the D.O.J. gets involved here.