Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Could We Fix A Small City?

 I've long had ideas for small communities- ones that would hopeful grow to a small city size.  One of them is that teenagers benefit greatly by farming- not just the daily chores, but learning the planning necessary to plant, harvest, and produce a usable product.

This fits right in with another little project small communities should have- food stores.  Communities can't be completely self-sufficient, but as we can see right now as various supply chain issues empty store shelves, it is nice to have some local supply on hand when things happen.

So, I figured a small community would want enough calories (protein, fat, carbs, alcohol) on hand to get through some amount of time- five years is what the commies like to plan for.  Meanwhile, there are various products- especially wine and cheese- that tend to increase in value from 'ageing'.  These sort of products are good to look at for this kind of project, because remember- we are not trying for pure self-sufficiency.  We are trying to be resilient, so we want a store of food we can eat, but if we don't need to eat them, and they turn into high value products we can sell- great.

This morning, for the first time, I started to wonder if this idea could be grafted into an existing city.  Surely more and more people are worrying about the empty grocery shelves.   Additionally, more and more institutions that we usually depend are making absolute fools of themselves, so to whatever extent we can stop funding them we should.

There usually are some local farms and producers around, and they could ramp up to some extent.  More can be encouraged.  The expenses and infrastructure to make the final products, as well as the storage, could be shared and centralized.  

We would, of course, have to figure out how not to be derailed by the woke.  

One possible way of dealing with this is to take advantage of the fact that the people the woke don't like generally tend to plan ahead themselves- thus they may not need whatever is reserved for them during times of distress.  But should they not need it, they should be credited with the value of the finished, 'aged' products.  

The entire leftist project depends on these various supply chains that they are destroying.  They can't really help it, since the bureaucratic class has this cancerous tendency to refuse any restraint to their growth.  As the supply chains shut down, their ability to screw things up will begin to wane, much like tumors start to weaken if they lose access to the blood supply.  They will then want to flail around and find your blood supply, but the chances are high that we can fend them off at that point.   

It would be nice to reach the point where we can just put criminals and people who advocate for criminality via false moralizations in jail, and we may get there if we can introduce some sort of order that people would come to find important and perhaps vital to their life.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Training Targets

There's an issue people have when working out- they need a clear goal- otherwise they can get pulled around by various things that they hear and not really get anywhere.  

I've noticed this tendency myself, as I read or listen to a variety of different people.  

But I've also come to see there are commonalities, trade-offs- certain parameters everyone needs to reach, which would lend itself well to developing targets for the general population.

The first place I started to get this idea was with some interviews Carl Lanore did with some ex-military guys a few years back.  Basically, these guys went to Afghanistan, and would try to get jacked when not doing missions.  When they did do missions, they would suffer under the excess muscle they had.  They were running up against one of these trade offs.  

So, when they looked into training other people who wanted to get into peak condition for these types of operations, they found some research pointing to where the trade off was.  This seems to be mainly from statistical analysis from a bunch of athletes.

For my height, for instance, based on these statistics, my target weight is supposed to be 198lb.  And this would include what is likely 30lb of muscle that the normal population wouldn't have.  But no one goes into the gym (especially not at my height) thinking 198lb is the target. It seems much too low.

Additionally, there's interesting research on various things- like the strength differences between the hamstrings and quads, for instance, that could also help us have a picture of what an individual needs to work on.  There's the purely aesthetic stuff based off the golden ratio too- proportionality- a principle that could save a few instagram models.  

Finally, having recently been experimenting with Doug Brignole's methods of training, I realized there are ways of drastically reducing the chances of injury while actually loading the muscle you are trying to train much more effectively.

All of this gives me a sense that there is something here, which may be difficult to market, but would no doubt be extremely effective.  For the average human, hit that target and then maintain it over time.  For athletes, even ones that move past that target, well they still need to keep the body balanced, don't they?  Julien Pineau became famous, in part, for pointing out how poor lat development was contributing to the injuries Crossfit athletes were having.  

Of course, once someone reaches this target (and has the right body composition) then, obviously, if they wanted to make the trade-off, so be it.  Bodybuilders, powerlifters- all want to be bigger.  Long distance runners may want to be smaller, or at least emphasize leg development over upper body.  

But for most of us, it's daily life and the trials we may encounter within it that we want to be prepared for.  

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

It's the Bureaucracy, Not The Capitalism

Capitalists, it seems to me, seldom believe in capitalism as any sort of ideology.  Even if the origin stories about companies coming out of garages are true, once they are big, they get into the lobbying business.  Arguably, they have to do it, whether they want to or not- once the bureaucrats smell profit, you either play the game or they come and screw you.

Socialists, on the other hand, believe in socialism.  They believe in it so much that when something doesn't work, they blame the rest of us.  

So, it's annoying when I hear people blame capitalism for, well, whatever.  It isn't the capitalism, it's the bureaucracy- the same bureaucracy that tries to implement socialism.  

I doubt politics is ever going to work at all, but one of the big issues is that the non-left refuses to admit to reality.  It's pointless to meet a progressive talking point with words like 'freedom' or 'free markets'.  We already don't have it- and they carefully advertise and shape public opinion to the point where they are likely to get what they want.

But there's one way to short circuit this stuff- figure out what the left is marketing to the public- and then provide it with one very important change- take the bureaucracy out of it, or if possible, nuke a few existing bureaucracies.

One example would be nuking the fed and giving everyone a 'universal basic income.'  Create the currency, send it to the people rather than creating all these moral hazards at the top of the financial food chain.  Banks would actually have to cater to people again, and financial institutions wouldn't be able to run around, buying up single family homes.   So, obviously, one aspect to this is to think critically about the concept, and find a way to target the outcomes we want rather than whatever it is the left wants.

Another example is cancelling student debt- but why the hell should the taxpayer pay for it?  We've all noticed these graduates don't know anything real and have had their heads filled with garbage.  Higher education is, therefore, fraud.  You make those who committed fraud pay.  Include damages- don't just cancel the debt, but have some chunk of money there for the taking, so that odiously elitist barista with her communist English degree will come in and admit (at least on paper) that she was defrauded, that she actually doesn't know anything.   This would destroy the bureaucratic parasites in these universities, and force said barista to disavow her position in the bureaucratic class.  

Of course, if you have fewer bureaucrats,  socialism becomes less dangerous, because you have to have someone somewhere with some nominal authority to act on the principles of an ideology.  With capitalism- you just need anyone willing to save up some money and buy a capital good or two to go into production.  And if that capitalist looks around and sees there's no bureaucrat to bribe or scheme with, well, he might just stick to capitalism rather than get up to these shenanigans people seem to blame capitalism for.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Donald Trump Junior Inadvertently Gives The Left An Idea.

Donald Trump Jr tweeted this one day:

Someone should introduce a bill mandating that you have to show your vaccination card to vote and watch everyone on the Left’s brain malfunction and explode.

And the next day :

I make a joke about an obviously crazy idea to highlight the hypocrisy of the left, but these authoritarian libs are so unhinged and braindead, that they of course think #VaxToVote is a good idea. You can't make this shit up!

We can't make it up, but we can predict it, if we ignore the left's moralizing and assume they are seeking power.  Why would they be happy with a vax to vote scheme?  It would mean the only people who could vote are people who accepted the narrative- therefore it would mean they would very likely be able to continue to subvert elections with abandon.  In fact, it may be preferable to the current immigration fiasco, since many leftist strongholds are suffering from the side effects of unchecked migration.  

Some leftist politician may very well grab this vax to vote idea and try to make it law.  It provides them with power.  They don't care about the immigrants, nor do they care about health- these are merely moral pretexts wherein they attempt to justify their power grab.  

If anyone really cares about a thing, they tend to research it deeply, and ultimately drop out of politics to pursue doing something about the thing directly- by which I mean, for instance, environmentalists getting into regenerative farming- not the terrorist 'direct action' crap.

Friday, July 23, 2021

A Lamp, Switch, and Awareness

I knocked my little lamp by my bed off it's perch while it was still dark this morning.  So I reach down to the floor and proceeded to run my hands over its base, looking for the little switch.  I had a firm picture of the switch in my mind, and became puzzled because I didn't find it.  

And then I remembered that I just woke up, and as crazy as it might seem, that might mean that I was utterly and completely wrong about where the switch would be.  I found that completely different switch, that little rod like thingy that sticks out just below where the bulb is, clicked it on, and immediately remembered that this little lamp had always been that way.

Dreams can be deceptive.  I don't even remember having any sort of dream including the lamp, or the nature of its switch.  I know I had been dreaming just before, but there was nothing with enough emotional weight to lead to me to pay enough attention.  Attention, awareness- if I had had enough of it in the dream state, I would have awoken with story I could tell.

In a sense, I think whatever makes up dreams may be happening all the time, but we can only focus on certain things at certain times.  When I am awake, it's the realities of being human in this world.  Reality reinforces memory.

But if you find yourself having trouble going to sleep- especially if you think you are having too many repetitive thoughts- try seeing with your eyes closed.  Obviously, you can't see anything because your eyes are closed, but the mere act of trying to observe whatever may show up in your visual field tends to quiet your mind- and you will 'see' things- fragments of dreams.

It helps me get to sleep faster.  I think there is a similar situation in meditation wherein, having successfully disengaged from your usual thoughts, you start to become aware of all these other thoughts, many of which don't seem to have anything to do with you.  It's as if there's just an ocean of thoughts out there, and maybe none of them really come from us.  Maybe we just observe them, and make a mistake when we start to identify with them.  I would not, after all, condemn my lamp to switch re-assignment surgery.  

I wonder about the nature of awareness.  Obviously, we need to pay enough attention to reality in order to continue living and observing,  but it is the observing that seems interesting, assuming we have a wide enough net to catch the interesting things.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

What could be next on the COVID front?

It's summer, and we tend to get fewer of these sorts of diseases during the summer, but the world continues with these vaccine programs, despite plenty of deaths, side effects, and concerns.

Like the spike protein the vaccines are meant to generate being toxic all by itself, heart inflammation in various people, etc...  

There are troubling long term implications with all this stuff.  When the truth of all this stuff comes out- it's tough to know.  I don't even know what the truth is myself.  I can only say this was kind of dumb, even if it sort of passes.

But this fall/winter will be a big test of a more basic problem.  There was a reason no one brought out a coronavirus vaccine before- pathogenic priming.

They've never released a coronavirus vaccine before because in animal trails the animals that got the shot would suffer horribly and/or die when they came into contact with the live virus again.

This is what we may be in for this fall/winter- except this time its people.

Again, I don't know.  Perhaps these vaccines are different enough from the older attempts at coronavirus vaccines, and it doesn't happen.  But I tend to view the current narrative on variants skeptically.  Variants happen, but generally they mean less lethality.  To have medical professionals running around and participating with the media to scare the people about variants suggests to me they want a boogeyman around in case vaccinated people start dropping dead.  

Monday, April 26, 2021

Three Things I Have Been Pondering.

 Here are a few things I have been pondering.

1.    Surveillance levels in these bail-free/Soros DA cities must be very high.  Imagine being a cop in one of these places where you can literally see some guy stab someone to death, but then he gets out.  Your higher ups are just throwing these criminals back on the street.  It may be tough to operate directly against the D.A. and other administrators willing to throw you under the bus, but the criminals are violent- thus there's both an impetus for some form of vigilantism and some plausible deniability.  Either the police themselves, or friends of police could target the violent criminals, and if the violent criminals die in what looks like violent criminal behavior, it would be tough to track that back to the cops.

But, as far as I can tell, there's no indication that this is happening.  No remarks in the press.  Anyone show up on the police blotter a couple of times and then show up in the morgue?  If so, no one is making these connections.  So, what I suspect is the cops are being spied on, to the point where any breath of this type of thing is shut down.

2.    Recently, India's supposed COVID19 emergency is being touted in the news.  It is doubtful this is actually a per capita/people actually dying thing in the sense that you probably can't prove they are doing worse than any other country currently experiencing the same seasons when you correct for population size.  But the weird thing to me is this lack of oxygen supply.  The media is also suggesting a perplexing lack of other things- perplexing because they already make a lot of the world's medical supplies- including vaccines- so why would they have a sudden supply problem that they need America's help with?  We don't make much any more.  

I also know you can make oxygen through electrolysis.  It's a little dangerous because you pass a current through the water.  You get hydrogen and oxygen, and if I remember right you can sequester one or the other based on which electrode the bubbles are coming from.  They are both flammable, obviously, but if you were in serious need of oxygen to save people, wouldn't you try something rather than wait and let people die?  I recently saw some twitter clip where an oxygen tank in Baghdad exploded in a hospital, taking out a lot of people.  It seems to me less dangerous to try electrolysis since the gases wouldn't be under pressure like that tank was.

3.  I watch Japanese stuff in an attempt to learn Japanese.  Especially if we look at the sort of stuff the globalists are trying to disrupt their society with, I suspect they are going with a 'one too many shit tests' type of thing.  Sure, there are things I just won't watch, but I end up watching dramas heavy on romance because they tend to rely heavily on dialogue.  And I've seen them just push beyond where things are acceptable- think divorce and/or giving back a ring at a point where a relationship, marriage, or even a pregnancy already exists.  Sure, I suspect the story-line generally ends up with the couple back together and happier than ever, because it feeds into women wanting the man to go above and beyond and love them despite all this stuff.  

But it's fundamentally past the point where it's plausibly something a guy should put up with.  Usually, it's not as bad as the garbage you find in Western films- though I do turn things off, so I can't claim to know everything. Still, though the Japanese are smart, I have no doubt there are likely impressionable young women who amp it up a little bit too much, lose their real match, and then end up playing that miserable game in the big city, where they are always imagining Mr. Big is going to come along and make everything alright- but the best they will ever have is in their rearview mirror.