Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dear Q, Part II

I think you don't realize the vital importance of arresting boring people. By which, of course, I mean the bulk of the ne-er do wells in D.C. are doing boring, bureaucrat evil. I remember some snippet of testimony somewhere, a congressman was pointing out some agency appears to have violated the law. The agency official says the actions were cleared by their legal counsel, but the very same official could not explain how they did not break the law, because they did, basically. Legal counsel undoubtedly had some arcane reasoning by which breaking the law was in fact, not breaking the law at all.

The scourge of America are a bunch of boring criminals. They don't even know who they are necessarily. The Constitution is always violated, and statutes are routinely, by bureaucrats who think they do good work- even folks who go to church on Sunday and do all sorts of good little things and have good little families.

Because people grow up in D.C., and each year the understanding degrades a little bit more. They go from knowing their agency can't do X, and a few decades later, they think the are morally obligated to do X.

You want to do real good in this country, go for boring.

Another thing you could do- get the CIA out of the media. Let me outline this for you- Wikileaks has published classified documents. Through Manning, Snowden, etc...- we know a lot of stuff, and yet, the media appears to not know any of it. Well, they don't know, because they are legally not allowed to know it. In other words, if they get paid by the CIA, they have to treat this stuff like it is still classified, even though it is out there for everybody else to see. It is not just hate alone that keeps them to their narrative, but also the inability to interact with this information without potentially getting into trouble. This is only going to get worse.

But again, it's kind of boring. The U.S. media is shot through with agents, so they don't touch the wikileaks stuff. Instead of our media doing the research, you get foreign media doing it, and the Democrats take that as evidence of collusion. But it is evidence that their media is now freer than ours. And it's ultimately boring because it is a bunch of American journalists not doing the research they should be doing. Instead all they have to talk about is gossip.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Point Of Public Prayer

This is a little thing that has been bothering me- somebody will say we need to put prayer back in schools. Someone else will say something to the effect of which god?
The focus on the beliefs of the individual would be almost insane to the ancients- regardless of their religion. Of course, generally speaking, folks who lived in a particular area held to the same beliefs as their compatriots because that was, you know, normal.

But corporate worship in ancient times and public prayer in America until recently had little to do with what you believed and everything to do with what you wanted for your community. You wanted your tribe, village, city, etc...- to thrive, and it is this desire that public prayer ultimately reinforced. Especially in America. Freedom of religion, in this nation, was actually developed with the assumption the people would be Christian and Protestant although there were Catholics here, and the Louisiana Purchase kind of screwed up the idea of this being a Protestant nation.

So there's no way public prayer is supposed to somehow reflect on anyone's belief in God. It does, however, reflect on people's belief in their communities. Do you want your community to be blessed, become strong and productive? Or are you feeling a bit like that Cruz kid?

So, yeah, maybe prayer in schools might have helped a little bit. Not by itself, which is one of the problems with the right, and why we should just ban public schools. A lot of people on the right will just latch onto one idea and think just changing that one thing is good enough. Meanwhile, the entire school system in America, from Pre-K to Post-Doc has been high-jacked by the enemy. For the public schools- it is just easier to ban them. Failing that, you have to invade them and kick the cultural Marxists out. But then you've just invaded a bunch of minimum security prisons for children, and one of the problems is that these are actually prisons. And a lot of these prisoners have been brainwashed.

But I digress...

The ancients would make sacrifices to the gods for the health and well-being of their community. If there was a significant present of non-participants there, that meant they A: weren't part of the community and B: didn't care enough about the community to pray for it. Occasionally, their might be people willing to pray to their own god for the sake of the larger community, and/or a ruler willing to accept such a idea, but in general, these multicultural experiments didn't work out too well.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Ban Public Schools: They Just Showed Us Why We Should

I have this mental image in my head of David Hogg in his late thirties, finally getting around to read the things he should have been reading in high school, and dropping dead of embarrassment. Of course, assuming he can learn to deliver his lines properly, they will pay him well to never have the eureka moment that might bring about death by embarrassment- or, should he survive it, maturity.

But in true form the left, the bureaucrat, the busybody, the sort of women nobody votes for- in true form they walked the products of their attention onto the world stage and displayed, for all the world to see, the defects of their handiwork.

And a moment's reverie ought to suggest if these ones chosen for the spotlight are so broken, then we should actually be surprised that there aren't more shootings.

They are still trying to change humans so that humans will put up with communism. Communism is contrary to biology. So is democracy. A republic could sort of barely hang on the biological reality, assuming it kept the requirement of having property in order to vote, and some sort of aristocracy in order to hold higher office, but there would need to be some serious safeguards. But I digress...

What is clear is that these 'educators' have clearly not educated anyone, but instead mostly propagandized and brainwashed children. The shootings are an outgrowth of an environment inimical to human existence. White identity politics is also an outgrowth of this environment. And, of course, the national embarrassment of having this many misinformed children on a public stage, well, all indications are is that this is exactly what our sad and pathetic politicians want.

We should reward good governance. Good governance comes out of the same behavior as good ownership- good property management. And the ability to plan ahead. The true reason for heirarchies- not oppression, but a massive disparity in ability to defer gratification and save for the future. There is an evolutionary aspect to this. If we don't have a system that selects for the competent, well, we are likely to see a huge spike in incompetents followed by a farcical apocalypse.

Ban public school!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Forecast On Military Matters

The nuclear situation seems to be what it has been since the Cold War. This will probably last until a generation of leaders who are too stupid to understand mutually assured destruction shows up.

Anti-aircraft lasers are likely to be the biggest game changer- removes air superiority.

Kessler Syndrome - collisional cascading shall eventually happen in orbit. There are natural consequences to putting satellites in orbit, which is why Kessler came up with his hypothesis in the first place. Additionally, small state or even non-state actors may have the resources to ensure the Kessler Syndrome actually happens to degrade or destroy American spying/observational power. Depending on how it was done, this may even destroy GPS, and it appears teaching people how to use maps and navigate terrain no longer seems important to many military leaders.

Overdependency on tech will, obviously, become a problem.

Spying, observance, data collection:

Surveillance will likely move from an unsustainable global level, to regional levels, especially as the anti-air tech becomes more widely distributed. First, there will be a strong desire to stop foreign surveillance, and likely an end to the insane fantasy of recording everything. Instead focus will tend to be much more local, meant to stop immediate crimes and unapproved surveillance. Expect surveillance to become a government monopoly- either the local leaders run it directly, or the locality is being ruled via misdirection.

Light infantry will be ever more necessary, and a professional military class will likely be required, as it is increasingly obvious modern military training and bureaucracy can't understand or handle the development of a modern soldier. They depend ever more on special forces, yet appear to have no idea how to create them and keep them healthy.

We will see a continued rise in the use of light infantry and- as often as possible- deniable activities. Basically, what I mean is this- as localities begin to try and re-assert their own sovereignty, they will begin to notice various state and non-state actors that threaten their ability to do so. As an example, Japan keeps finding North Korean missiles coming uncomfortably close.

Or, a more depressing example- as America begins to break up, some small part of it gets tired of some political action group full of lawyers using lawsuits to enforce their will on the locality. For the locality, the ideal would be a sudden disappearance of the legal threat, and perhaps the activist lawyers as well. This would be especially helpful in dissuading future lawsuits.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Yeah, Maybe This Time, We'll Finally Ban Public Schools

CNN is pointing out there's more 'coverage' of the Florida mass school shooting:

Perhaps these up-close views -- through the eyes of the victims -- will force Americans to see these shootings in a new way. Perhaps.

Gee, oh what could it be this author would think Americans should be forced to see?

Well, it would be nice if Americans could see we force children into these prisons, and then don't give them any protection. We also let cultural Marxist run the schools, which results in massive numbers of children suffering from the side effects of attempts to brainwash them to believe observably false propaganda.

The old phrase- like shooting fish in a barrel- the left always sees the gun; they don't question the barrel.

Indeed, if this were a sane country this school district would be sued out of existence with all its assets going to the victim's families. We have the right to defend ourselves- if you go making rules in your school (or any property really) that restrict that right, then you'd better be making some good faith effort at defense. It was gun-free zone, so, obviously, they weren't making the attempt.

Perhaps Americans will look at these videos and notice that lack- it's all barrel, all dead bodies; no guns, no protection. And if we looked into the curriculum would we find much in the way of education? I think not.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Discussion On Military Fitness Reminds Me Of My City Idea

I listen to Carl Lanore's Super Human Radio a lot, and recently he started having episodes which he calls Military Fitness Radio with a guy named Nate Morrison. Here is a link to the lastest one.

I decided to blog about this because I am hearing these guys talk about how to get into special forces shape. And it's walking. It's manual labor. There are mentions of the fact that Roman soldiers built roads. There's obviously some awareness of evolutionary fitness.

And it fits so well with these ideas that I've had for so long- of a city which has a strong agricultural component. You have the agricultural component both for food, and for the teen years. Why? Well, it is a long story. Montessori wrote about this. I recently heard Camile Paglia point out she keeps seeing students who never get people actually organized to behave cooperatively rather than that thin leftist story of oppression and control. Apparently, some familiarity with real bullshit helps one avoid the propagandistic bullshit.

But oddly enough, Nate Morrison's explanation of what it takes to train special forces soldiers suggests to me that some government somewhere really ought to be thinking about it.
Because fourth generation warfare relies heavily on the light infantry soldier.

So, anyone with actual sense in their heads would want children growing up with a relatively high level of activity so that they can segue into light infantry should the need arise.

Briefly, I imagine a relatively dense built environment arranged in a sort of hand pattern, with 'fingers' coming off a central core. In between the fingers would be agricultural land. But even within the built parts, I would like to see trees and gardens. If had the money, I'd visit Jiyugaoka and similar sites in Japan for research on the urban side. The agricultural side would likely lean heavily on permaculture design.

But I again find it interesting that so many things reinforce the idea. Not that I think this will necessarily be apparent to a casual reader. Various problems in modern life come from the same seed, so to speak. And one of the realities is that we can't just 'fix' everything. No. I would be happy seeing a generation of children growing up without the current load of crap coming from our environment and the left. They could get so much further along if they didn't have to correct for completely nonsensical mistakes SJW adults make.

Anyway, I want to make a note here that having teens do agricultural work actually means they get a better education than they do now. It is part of an educational, formational approach that should be a massive improvement.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Understanding the Possibility of Failure

I have noticed a major difference in administrations- namely the understanding of the possibility of being wrong.

And, of course, the guy who has a major understanding of the possibility of being wrong, the possibility of failure is the guy people accuse of bluster, ego, etc...

But Trump's management plan is to 'fail faster,' which is an actual management style that accounts for the likelihood of failure.

The last few decades of ideological management mostly ignores the likeliest source of failure- the giant blind spot your ideology hands you.

The conservatives often look more sane because they might be able to explain why you can't do such terrible things to, say, insurance, and expect it to work, but then they end up looking like ultimately losers because they can never walk this stuff back and end it.

But Trump would likely prefer multiple, iterative changes to what is in order to work toward to something that might actually work. Probably no ideologue would be happy with it because it wouldn't look like the pretty little symmetrical diagram they have in their heads. Also, there isn't actually any guarantee success can be achieved this way, especially with a government bent towards perverted ends.

But it is reassuring and funny, since there's that reliable section of the public who can't see it at all and freak out.