Friday, January 5, 2018

Is Bannon Playing A Game WIth The Media?

Out of the thousands of reasons that we should stop electing people, and start looking for a better way of governance, is that people try to dig up dirt on their opponents. This is a huge industry.

This is also why Don Jr. didn't do anything wrong. If the Russian's did have dirt, it is reasonable to find out what it is, use it in the campaign, and use in her way overdue trial. The Democrats would have.

This is not treasonous; it is normal, which means Steve Bannon should know this. In fact, I think Bannon likely does know it.

Because Bannon has been fooling around with politics for a while. He's also been fooling around with media for a while. And the President has his own media skills too...

I don't know what the point is, but it feels like a game designed to jack with the media. Especially with the word treasonous stuck in there- red meat for the IQ challenged left. I know there are intelligent leftists out there, and at least one has tried to explain it to these nutballs on television. It didn't work, obviously.

So Bannon allegedly makes comments that endorse the media's narrative. Meanwhile, since there is no treason, and it still wouldn't be treason if that Russian lady actually did have serious intel on Hilary, Trump and the Trump family are not in legal danger.

I don't know if there's anything right here and now, as in this story being a plant to keep the media from focusing on other things, but in the long term there's this little prediction I made:

Within two years President Trump ought to be able to move so hard on the media that he'll make Lee Kuan Yew's (the former Singaporean leader) legal moves look trivial.

Six months to the day since I wrote that. The media was already inadvertently advertising for a crackdown, and now we've got all these garbage rumors from this not yet published book floating around. People are sick of it already. Eventually someone will step far enough for Trump to go after them personally with existing laws.

To go further, and enact laws against some of this nonsense, Trump needs to get legislators on-board with the idea. This is a little harder- I think the tax bill passed largely because it was something no normal Republican felt he could vote against- i.e. tax cuts are so inherent to even cuck Republicans, that they couldn't freeze Trump out on that one. But fighting media bias has been an issue since there was a media. Trump may not even need to suggest it- surely some congressman could come up with the idea on his own?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Climate Normal

I'd like to introduce a new concept- Climate Normal. The reason why I'd like this concept to take off is because too many people appear to act as if weather events that can be expected in a particular climate are somehow due to climate change.

Example: Hurricanes hitting anywhere from Florida to Texas.

I grew up in New Orleans. Hurricanes were definitely an event, but they were expected. Climate normal. Unfortunately, the various governing bodies involved with planning for normal climate events probably haven't done so.

Additionally, the apparent new game, which is convince very large numbers of people to evacuate, is an ecological disaster unto itself. It's more resource intensive, and people run up more personal debt, than the old fashioned way. The old fashioned way was this- the governments kept the infrastructure strong, and the people kept emergency supplies on hand.

Basically, we could always expect flooding- New Orleans is below sea level- but the city generally managed to pump the water out before our supplies ran out.

Now, obviously, it being January in the Northern Hemisphere- cold is climate normal. Blizzards in the North East. Totally normal.

Maybe not fun, but good governance is about planning for the events we know will happen, and having an insurance policy for things we don't see coming.

Unfortunately, this is an era of bad governance, were idiots decree insurance must cover known costs, and everything is mismanaged until something total obvious happens, and then you blame a Republican, as people did with Puerto Rico.

Friday, December 22, 2017

My Prediction on Bitcoin Seems To Have Come True...

As what I consider to be fake futures begin to be sold, the price of bitcoin begins to fall. For normal futures, the underlying asset you can occasionally insist taking delivery. There are, for instance, apocryphal stories taking a delivery of corn or soybeans. But, these contracts, while they track the Bitcoin price, can only be ended in dollars.

So, I immediately felt this may as well be a sophisticated USG weapon against Bitcoin.

I need to go looking, and see how influential has shorting Bitcoin been in this recent run down. It is highly doubtful this has anything to do with actual bitcoin, because most bitcoin holders don't sell. So it is very likely to be a sort of false supply- since the futures sellers don't actually have to deliver bitcoins, they can create a false supply- the endless billions of dollars that exist or can be made, up against the less than 21 million Bitcoins that anyone could actually get their hands on to make real contracts with.

To make a comparison, pretend this was gold, and on paper people were selling a billion tons worth of gold, but in reality there were only a few million tons worth of gold, and few people actually ever parted with their gold. So, it would look like gold was really cheap, but if you actually went out and tried to buy it, it would be hard to find because no one would want to sell the real thing to you at the fake lower price. This tends to make the dollar look good against gold, so I'm guessing it has happened before.

And I think this is happening to Bitcoin too, because it helps make the dollar look great again.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Christian Anti-Christs

Bruce Charlton suggests anti-christs may feel quite Christian:
How to penetrate the deception? Well it is seldom a matter of false doctrine - because doctrine is easily faked or distorted - the world is full of people who advertise that they are doing X, but interpreting matters so that they instead destroy X - and humans are very vulnerable to that kind of deception at all levels: the own-nation-hating patriotic politician, the women-destroying feminist, the pro-science advocate who converts research into bureaucracy; the doctor who causes sickness; the educationalists who transform teaching into form-filling...

And mentions what passes for so-called leadership:

The danger is that in today's climate, even someone who is merely interested-in and lukewarmly-supportive-of Christianity (perhaps as a means to an end of a more peaceful and prosperous society), might be set-up by Christian followers, out of a kind-of desperation.

Since this leader is, as a matter of fact, Not primarily motivated by Christianity - he will then use Christianity as a means to socio-political-business ends - as well as to fulfil personal goals such as status, sex, wealth etc. Since he is a leader, he will draw his followers down the same path - thus Christianity is made secondary, redefined expediently, evaluated in materialistic and worldly terms.

If you are an introvert going to Christian events, sooner or later you may suspect that Christ is the excuse, not the reason for the event. Extroverts like to have parties. It can literally be that simple. But you can also see the continued abject failure to achieve any real goals, much moving of the goal posts (to claim some sort of goals were achieved), and a fixation on what are fundamentally leftist goals.

Interestingly enough, I think my first line above is actually wrong because Charlton actually doesn't suggest anything about an anti-christ's emotional state at all. Instead, what happened is that I read his post, and I remembered- a: the people who fit his description, and b: that they display great emotion for Christ. So, an undiscerning person might see this display of emotion as 'motivation' for whatever it is they are doing. But, although they have had plenty of time to iterate- to stop doing things that don't work, and start working on what might, they don't. So, there must be other motivations- desires achieved now, despite the apparent failure.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Another Place To Look For Fraud

We have seen this troubling tendency in which the left does evil crap, and then raises concerns that the non-left may do what they did.

Thou dost project too much: Worries over the 2020 census.

Good enough to launch and investigation right now. If the Trump administration can wrest the census out of SJW hands, we may see things are significantly different on the ground in America.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Political Word Association

The progressives try to associate Alt-Right with Nazi, but what does it really track with?


There are those who get called alt-right and don't like it.
There are those who identify as alt-right and are probably genuinely right in a true political sense.
Then there are those whose ideas are mostly left, but are pro-white and/or nationalist. They identify as alt-right and they are also most likely to Seig Heil on camera.

But they are all anti-war, making even the supposed Nazis massively less Nazi than the Nazis.

So, perhaps the response to an accusatory 'Are you alt-right?' should be 'Are you pro-war?' and immediately go on to suggest the accuser is participating in the cover up of the largest anti-war movement in the history of man. Because they are, whether they intend to or not.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Weapon Formed Against Bitcoin

Last Saturday, Tyler Cowen posted his Saturday assorted links and this one was bothering me to go back and look at it:

The Bitcoin futures contract on the CME will have cash settlement, not Bitcoin settlement.

Tyler asks, "What should you infer from that?"

Well, apparently my mind has been cogitating on this one. Matt Levine sets it up in the article this way:

Ha, it's true. If you buy an oil futures contract on the CME, and you hold it when it expires, then someone hands you 1,000 barrels of oil, and you have to find a place to put them. If you buy a bitcoin futures contract, and you hold it when it expires, nobody hands you the 5 bitcoins underlying the contract. Instead, CME computes a daily "Bitcoin Reference Rate," "which aggregates the trade flow of major bitcoin spot exchanges during a calculation window into the U.S. Dollar price of one bitcoin as of 4:00 p.m. London time," and if the Bitcoin Reference Rate at the expiry of your futures contract is higher than the Bitcoin Reference Rate when you opened the contract, you get paid the difference (times 5), and vice versa. In dollars. You get exposure to bitcoin without ever actually handling bitcoins.

So, these futures contracts aren't futures contracts at all, but tools for global finance to fight back against bitcoin. In other words, they don't have to buy bitcoin while attempting to manipulate the bitcoin price.

I vaguely remember various speculations about financial and/or state action in particular markets- especially gold, oil- markets taken as indicators of general economic health- meant to prop up the current system. Well, these new bitcoin futures are arguably not futures at all, but tools actually designed to push bitcoin lower.

I wonder if these guys are just going to try and take it down, or will they attempt to drop the price, and then buy bitcoins when they are cheap.