Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Questions for Josh

Josh speaks, and I question:

PoP has set out to start culture and community all over again from the ground up

Really? Because I thought we belong to our Churches, and families, and stuff. Interesting how you forget the larger Christian community there. Let's try to sound a little more arrogant, shall we?

just as with Trinity schools, we took a very good insight (for Trinity, that young people need to be taught things to do well in life) and we took nothing from the current instantiations of secondary education that were out there.

No. It's obvious we took a lot from other schools. It's a nice school, but structurally it's still designed to turn out good corporate workers. We took from the best schools out there, but Trinity is still subject to the same temptations. Did you know the models suggest the maximum size for a school (and school district) is 400 students? And yet, how many can resist the urge to get bigger?

we need a culture where property equally declares the individual and the group into the world

What? I hope there is a typo in this sentence. The individuals are the group. Don't deify the group. And I don't want my property declaring anything. That would imply sentience and then someone would accuse me of slavery.

we need a culture where experiences are shared freely and yet regulated by right speech patterns

So basically, what you are saying here is, share experiences, but not THOSE experiences.

we need a culture where men and women are not simply "dating" or "ready to date" but first and foremost brothers and sisters to one another in Christ.

I'm afraid this is a POP thing. So it would be good for us to change it. I haven't seen people running around fooling with these sort of categories outside of POP. Either they are off the Christian reservation and are doing far more than dating, or they are being brothers and sister to one another in Christ. What we really need is a yenta- some fussy old woman who will browbeat you into marrying someone and having a passel of kids. Reproduction is a very important component of being a people you know!

Culture is a weasel word. It's incredibly vague, and frankly everything that is cultural is created in the market. People freely choose to work together in order to do something, whether it's dog fights or opera. There is no monolithic culture to replace.

+2000 years of Christianity. That's an awful lot of culture to count as rubbish.

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