Friday, January 18, 2008

Visibility and Blogging

I notice that many blogs are about something very specific, but I end up learning about the people behind the blog even though they don't mean me to. Food blogs are a good example. I'll get some idea about the person's life. I wonder if this isn't a way to increase visibility. Have a blog about food. Take pictures. People get interested because of the food. They read our posts because there is real food related info there and it looks like the sort of thing they would like to be a part of.

Could work. It's far better than trying to explain what a covenant community is. That's kind of like trying to explain what Italy is. After a while words fail, and you totter over to the map, or google images of Italy. And you end up with pictures of people at a food-laden table!

On an almost unrelated note, I wonder how much photography changed the the vacation business. It's probably impossible to tell because of the innovations in tranport that happened at the same time.

Anyway, having seen the country, some may actually want to come. Which will be kind of funny, because in order for that to work, we'd have to make sure we were doing things that people might actually want to come to. I haven't seen a school lunchroom blog, for example. Or a fasting blog. I did see some woman trying to feed herself and her husband on $3 a day, which frankly upset me. I've been poor- she might have thought it was solidarity, but it just looked like slumming to me. Hunger as a lifestyle choice, as an option, as one of the myraid of things available to this woman to buy as she sailed through her local grocery store...

Ah, but my ire causes me to digress. Let me just note that this sort of thing could be done with almost any subject. (Extra big hints to the linux people!) I meant to end this post, so I shall do so now.

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