Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dead Horse Demographics

Reason Magazine asks why people are having fewer children:

So, modernity essentially transforms children from capital goods that produce family income into consumption items to be enjoyed for their own sakes, more akin to sculptures, paintings, or theatre. But that's just the problem—according to happiness researchers, people don't really enjoy rearing children.

So the real sacrifice, according to the data, would be to have children.

Gilbert further notes that the more children people have, the less happy they tend to be. Since that is the case, it is not surprising that people are choosing to have fewer children. And if people with fewer children are happier, then people with no children must be happiest, right? Not exactly, but the data do suggest that voluntarily childless women and men are not less happy than parents. And they sure do have more money to squander as they try to pursue what happiness they can and strive to somehow fill up their allegedly empty lives.

As you can tell by the use of the word allegedly, Reason is libertarian, as well as libertine, so the author is fine with childlessness. In fact, he's among the childless. This stuff is perfectly okay with him.

But if you are a christian, and you serve a God, Who likes describe Himself as the God of the Living, you might want to consider making a real sacrifice here.
Extra points if you become a libertarian too.
(You get an F if you become a libertine though.)

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