Tuesday, February 26, 2008

La Revolución De La Muerte

Tyler Cowen tells us how desperately poor Cubans are:
I found the most evident signs of Cuban poverty to be the unceasing supply of articulate and sometimes weakly sobbing mendicants, none of whom sounded like con men, all of whom needed money to buy food and clothes for their families. The most shocking part is what small sums of money they would ask for or be made happy by. Or the numerous women -- and I mean ordinary women in the streets -- who would offer their bodies to a stranger (handsome though I am) for a mere pittance. Yes in Cuba there is good access to doctors but anesthesia is in short supply and the health care system stopped improving long ago.

Mahalanobis shows the pictorial proof:

From above the city looks like after an air raid...

I'd like to end the embargo. Apparently, murderous dictators don't have problems with embargos- the people do. With free trade comes free exchange of information, and perhaps even an end to that pernicious revolution.

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