Monday, March 3, 2008

Demand Driven Education

Brian Micklethwait teaches a child who actually wants to learn:

And if he’d rather ask me complicated questions, and gouge obscure stuff out of me, rather than out of a mere book or a mere computer, well, I love that. The quality in a pupil that I most value when I’m teaching is that he’s driving the agenda forward. He’s the one supplying the energy. He’s the king and I am but the respectful counsellor. He’s running his own life, and I’m just helping. When I “taught”, if that’s what it was, Smart Boy, that is exactly how it was.

The most amazing part is that a small child actually listened to a story about cricket. My eyes would have glazed over, at the very least. This is how you teach in a non-coercive environment. This is also how you develop real human beings with healthy personalities. Coercion only brings fear, propaganda, and a few people really accomplished at bullying.

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