Friday, March 14, 2008

Faux Infants

I guess this is just part of a modern woman's quest to have it all.
Extremely realistic fake babies. I clicked through to Ebay, and they are indeed quite real looking. I guess this the way one can keep one's all-important career and satisfy the mothering instinct at the same time.

I shouldn't be surprised. The Culture of Death has it's own morality, and it's own version of the seven deadly sins. Motherhood is anathema, but I suppose concessions must be made. Accept the fake, be satisfied with mere simulation, and everything is okay- assuming you are recycling properly, of course!

I wonder about how far gone you have to be to have such a life-like "body" around the house. We have a natural aversion to such things because normally a lifeless body is a dead body and dead bodies can transmit nasty diseases. How do you suppress such a feeling 24/7? Could you wake up next to an unmoving body and not experience that freaked out "she's not breathing!" moment? I guess in some weird way you have to accept death, or at least the absence of life, in order to live with such things.

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