Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Real Hypocrite

For most of my conscious life, I've heard various people being charged with various levels of hypocrisy over and over until I began to realize that very few people knew what that word meant. It has become a word that puts me on guard, for I know I am likely to find poor logic and indefensible positions lurking somewhere near the person who speaks the word.
Eliot Spitzer is a real hypocrite. Spitzer actively sought to destroy people who engaged in the same sort of behavior that he engages in. Spitzer's treatment of his fellow sinners is very different from a christian, even a very sinful christian, exhorting others not to fall into sin. We are concerned with building each other up, but Spitzer uses his "morality" to beat others down.

Sin brings its own pain. The chronic drug user suffers and usually dies, meanwhile the casual user graduates from law school and goes to Congress, to make ever more ridiculous laws to punish the drug addict. These are the Pharisees in our modern times; these are the scribes, building up mountians for their brethren to carry, but not lifting a finger to help.

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