Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Child Stealing Government

Robert Clayton Dean has a good post up about the polygamists versus the state. He makes reference to the fact that the state has taken all the children, but not the alleged abusers. It's not only not constitutional, it doesn't make any sense from a practical standpoint, unless the primary intent was to remove the children regardless of the guilt or innocence of the men. It's just plain cheaper and psychologically healthier for the children (and moms) to leave them at the compound and detain the men until the DNA tests make clear who broke what law.

Instead they are opening foster homes all across the state.

The state cannot handle other authority. Parental authority, religious authority, any authority that you voluntarily agree to- it all must bow and be subject to the state or else they will come in and crush you. They cannot merely incarcerate the men, they must go further. They must teach the youth to hate their parents and obliterate all tradition from their minds. They must force the children to live materially differently, if possible, to regularly trangress the moral code that they were taught so that this competing authority will be either totally rejected or feared as a source of condemnation and punishment (that the state "protects" one from).

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