Friday, May 2, 2008

God Fearin' Statements

Tim Troutman gets a bid indignant a funeral:

If that weren't bad enough, we were subject to the typical Protestant funeral 1-2 combo of dunghill theology + soul trapped in a body theology. They hinted at the doctrine at first but it soon resulted in a clear and direct (while pointing to Red) "This is not Red. He is in heaven now"... They erroneously view the body as a shell we are trapped in. They only repeat the errors of their fathers the Gnostics. This is not akin to Gnosticism it IS Gnosticism. And this doctrine isn't representative of "the emergent church" this IS "the emergent church". Folks don't be deceived, it culminated with the preacher's explicit denial of the Incarnation: "Christ was clothed in a human body".

Okay, so in this type of situation, I'm not really thinking about theology, but about how to comfort people, but sometimes it would be nice if you could comfort people and deliver a graveside smackdown at the same time. It's less obvious than the Rev. Wright example, but those gullible enough to believe bad doctrine are at least "poor" in intelligence if nothing else. Don't we have an obligation? The mainline denominations should, at least occasionally, get a little louder than the shiny, flashy people who have turned christianity into a Disneyland show.

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