Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Last Nation to the Party/Tragedy

Nepal's assembly voted to abolish the monarchy. I don't know anything about Nepal's monarch. He might be a pretty bad dude. He could be atrocious as a leader.

But, does anyone actually read history anymore?

The assembly is largely composed of communists, avowed Maoists. Doesn't CNN or anyone else who cares to write about this story remember that communists are perfectly willing to run for democratic office if they think they can pervert the institution for their own end? We are seeing an intermediate step, one that occurred in many nations across the world. It even was happening in Germany, but the Nazis just happened to beat them to power!

They were willing to commit violence for their ideology during a 10 year insurgency. Then the king relaxed his policies and let the assembly meet. The communists seized the chance, get themselves elected, and now they have that lovely cover of validity a state institution can bring to violence. If they were violent when they were illegal, how much more violent will they be now that their will is law?

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