Friday, May 9, 2008

Quote Cloning To Explain An Attitude

Father Tim Finigan posted a quote from Between Medieval and Folk, Two Mass Audiences:

Imagine a bizarro world where all the 25-year-olds want Mozart and all the 60-year-olds want adult-contemporary. The kids think the adults are too wild. The backlash against "Kumbaya Catholicism" has anyone under 40 allegedly clamoring for the Tridentine Mass in Latin, while the old folks are most sentimental about Casual Sunday (even more rockin', the Saturday vigil Mass), and still cling to what's evolved from the lite-rock guitar liturgies of the 1970s.

It's an old article about the Pope's visit, but it shows the sentiment well, which is why I reproduced it here.

I do believe it's St. Paul who said if you need prayer you should go to the elders. What does one do when the elders are farming out their duty to all and sundry, probably due to some misguided sense of egalitarianism?

There's a simple order to these things. We appreciate the order, the respect, the humanity of such things because we know the bright new ideas the older generation have failed miserably. That's why I don't like it when people talk about revolution. Put up with a lot of crap now and then later the grand utopia will come. The utopia never came, and a lot of us have pretty screwed up lives due to socialism, feminism, bad theology, rationalized selfishness, and whatever other random thing our parents dreamt up.

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