Tuesday, June 3, 2008

April on the Warpath

April DeConick want's women priests and she's not afraid to fuss loudly and write about it:

We are the ones who are in control of our thoughts and our actions. It is time to step up to the plate and demand that gender not matter to the priesthood. We do not have to accept the Vatican's decision.

In contrast, when Abp. Burke excommunicated a few women who proceeded down this path, he wrote:
In the apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, Pope John Paul II reaffirmed that the Catholic Church has no authority to confer priestly ordination on women.

So April claims authority, the Church doesn't. I already know April's worldview well- one can hardly miss it on an American campus these days. A victimology of the most protected class in the history of man- middle to upperclass women; in other words the women who don't have to work. Poor women have always had to work.

What's interesting is the concept that the Church doesn't have authority in this area. A legitimate authority has at least some conception of the boundaries of it's jurisdiction. Meanwhile, April assumes massive, unilateral authority by something similar to those atrocity stories I mentioned in the previous post.

Posit the theory of the oppression of women, be a woman, create, or in this case read into history all sorts of examples of female oppression. The Vatican explains that these women are excommunicating themselves by their own actions, and since April can't conceive of this as not gender related, she derives her justification. She now feels herself to have more authority than the Pope, by virtue of being more just than the Pope.

Tough place to put yourself. I made errors of thought in the same category and it takes years, perhaps a lifetime, to fix them, when and if you ever decide to.

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