Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Concise Description

Celia gives us such clear and breathtakingly simple descriptions:

The driving force of socialism is not to provide benefits for anyone, but to destroy individual freedom. By taxation, the state deprives individuals of freedom of action, reducing the territory within which they are able to decide for themselves how to run their affairs, and using the money from taxpayers to buy areas of freedom from other individuals.

Her knowledge of this is quite personal, and to the uninformed could be perceive as biting the hand that tried to feed her. Unfortunately, the hands that imprison have to feed you too, at least until they decide it's not worth having you live any longer. As with most things, there needs not be a conspiracy for such effect to be meted out. The collective is capable of causing all sorts of evil neither intended or conceived of by it's members. Then, of course, there are those members of the collective who do intend evil, if for no other reason than that they cannot suffer having a smart girl around poking holes in all their arguments.

I will resist the temptation to push this into other spheres.

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