Monday, June 2, 2008

Your Culture Or Your Life

Ilkka smells the whiff of hypocrisy, with regard to an isolated tribe:

When billions of people live in subsistence-level poverty while here in the West we get to be rich and comfortable, well that is just unfair and we must share our wealth with them so that they also get to have inexpensive quality food, health care and other material goodies, right? Except when it comes to this dirt-poor tribe that we must leave alone forever, like the Star Trek Prime Directive dictates? We are most certainly also not allowed to immigrate there to bring some diversity to their boring monoculture, but must respect their inherent right to rule their own land and maintain their traditional culture.

The thinking doesn't make sense, but the outcome does. Leftists sound caring but their actions tend to condemn people to unecessary poverty. It's amazing that they can consistently apply outcomes across the board, despite the fact that advocating property rights is quite unlike them. Well, whatever gets the job done, I suppose.

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