Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Do We Know Who The Lesser Evil Is?

Stephen Braunlich did a little digging and found some decidedly pro-choice things being said by John McCain back in 2000. I'm not entirely sure how one considers abortion necessary and Roe v. Wade as important for the safety of women everywhere can yet be considered pro-life, but there it is. Luckily, neither of the candidates have a strong reason to stay loyal to their traditional constituencies anyway.

I'm hoping, for instance, Obama will do something stupid enough to wake up American black voters to the inanity of voting for a guy they have nothing in common with solely because of the color of his skin. In any case, Obama is already making noises that will get the peaceniks a bit upset. When you get right down to it, Obama doesn't have a problem with growing state power, nor does he have a problem with war. The problem, for elitists, is that someone else is running the show.

It never occurs to them that perhaps the show shouldn't be run at all.

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