Monday, July 7, 2008

McCain Moves Left

I am so glad I'm not paid to be a talking head. It's a great blessing to not pay attention to this joke of an election, but poor Ann Coulter is earning time off purgatory, because she still has to pay attention. The pressure's off John McCain and Anne's noticed he's studiously avoiding anyone christian, prefering to pray in the church of environmentalism.

I hope folks notice. I hear good christian folk talking about voting now, not as a vote for someone, but as a vote against, presumably a vote against pro-choice Obama. This would make sense as a moral obligation, if it actually meant anything. No Republican, not even Reagan ever did much more than pay lip service to ending abortion. Most of the Supreme Court was nominated by Republican presidents, but somehow Roe V Wade is still un-turned.

Besides, McCain is for some forms of research which don't mesh well with a pro-life stance. Kinda gives you the clue he's for or against something for a political reason and not for an underlying principle.

I'm starting to think voting for either the Democrat or Republican in this election is ultimately sinful. I don't think it's good enough to vote for the lesser of two evils, especially since you could vote for Bob Barr, who may be a little wacky but can't be put into the same category of evil as the two front-runners. I'm not sure what Bob says about abortion now, but I figure he's still against it, for all the good it'll do.

But there's a larger issue. The entire election system has been subverted. We don't get good candidates any more, and should we decide we want to raise money and send our own guy out there, we'll run right into John McCain's lovely rules. These rules are patently unconstitutional, not to mention unfair to anyone not already in the political elite. When we vote, do we not in some way, assent to this situation and legitimize the lie?

We should at least bring this election process back to the way it was before any campaign finance reform was ever conceived off. I should be able to spend as much as I want to back a candidate or get a message out, and political parties should not be allowed to have the power they currently enjoy. Then maybe, we could vote, because the process would at least be free, and we could fund and run a candidate we could vote for if they ever pulled this kind of crap on us again.

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