Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Moron Atheist Apparently Continues

The American Papist brings us the news that P.Z. Meyers claims to have received consecrated Hosts. Now, I don't know about you, but it seems to me that if some dude says publicly, "Hey, I have stolen items here!"- well, it's time for the local police to get a warrant and search his house, isn't it? Theft is theft, even if the owners of said property hold it in far higher esteem than the thief does.

In various ways, this guy keeps trying to say that desecrating the Eucharist is like some sort of experiment; he's doing it to prove his theory that there is no god. Sadly, he's not taken the time to think about what Christians actually say about Christ and the Eucharist in particular, so I seriously doubt he understands what the deal is. Our Lord has already taken on every kind of abuse, and has chosen this vunerable state because He loves us, loves even PZ Meyers, and wants to be with us.
The bread becomes the Body of Christ so that we can be the Body of Christ. How can his experiment prove or disprove that?

All PZ shall prove is his own depravity, and perhaps inadvertantly, whether or not the State of Minnesota still protects property rights. I do suggest any Catholics currently at the University of Minnesota watch the outcome of this very closely. It may behoove you to tranfer to another university. We may need to shake the dust off our feet a bit more often in future.

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