Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Socialism Leads to Women in the Army

Anna points out the influence of Marxists in Israel, from the kibbutz, to scantily clad women in the army:

The kibbutz, where children didn't live with their parents, but instead were sent to a "children's house", where they slept and spent most of their free time, and only saw their parents on "visiting hours". Gender neutrality was hammered into children's heads, and many were traumatized from lack of seeing a traditional family unit as they were growing up. The kibbutz, as a social movement, has failed, just as the unnatural and forced social structure of communism failed after doing grave damage to Russia and every other country which was touched by it.

One would think that once these experiments proved to be abject failures folks would pretty much reject all that came out of it, but Anna notes that some things, like a feminist veiw of gender, still hang around and cause trouble for the more traditional minded. I think this is because it can sound quite plausible to the youth, and there are enough of the old socialists around to bend an ear.

Then biology takes over, and suddenly we realize there isn't really a place for a spouse and children in this pipe dream. There isn't really a place for people, either. Just something simple, like the freedom to live where you want, kills socialist planning, which is why oppressive measures are instituted immediately whenever such people gain power.

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