Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That Ain't Gonna Work, You Know

Someone was trying to convince me to show up for a big event going on in our local parish. I was already thinking of avoiding the area completely and go to one of the churches that doesn't have a big event planned.
Another lady came by and suggested I might meet someone there, you never know, etc... The she said something silly, like I might meet superwoman there.

I felt like saying something snarky, like, "I've met superwoman and she's already married."

Let's see, I show up, feeling uncomfortable, not really able to talk to anyone, and then I see the girl of my dreams and what, have a coronary? Is there a theoretical stress level at which one suddenly becomes suave?
I think people believe the movies too much; or at least they like to spread those silly platitudes around.

Of course, I really doubt this works, anyway. I don't know many couples that met via large group event.
Seemingly paradoxical, but I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a paradox- just limited information, so it looks that way to the human. But there is One Who sees all...

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