Monday, July 14, 2008


An individual trained for individual action can learn to coordinate their actions with others. Indeed, he will spend his whole life acting in concert with others, acheiving far more than a solitary man could one his own. He is also safer from the wiles of unwholesome groups, for he knows his own mind and his own goals and will refuse to deviate from them even in the face of rejection from the many.

I notice in the old testament, the kings often had many prophets, sometimes up to 400
or so, willing to telling the king all the lovely things he wanted to hear. Mysteriously, we do not have The Book Of The Four Hundred Prophets.
Rather we have books of those individual prophets who listened to God and contradicted the rest. It is good to have a family to go home to, but what shall you do in the wilderness if you haven't learned to stand on your own?

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