Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who Did Microsoft Buy?

In an amazing turn of events, all the tech pundits seem hell-bent on saying nice things about Vista. Vista is bad, especially for the average person who can't run out and buy extremely high-end software in order to compensate for the bloat. But suddenly, people like Leo Laporte, the crew at Cnet, etc... are pretending like the idea that Vista sucks wasn't, in fact, the very thing they reported to us in the first place. No, now they are going on about how Vista is actually pretty cool and how it's brokenness is just a myth.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates retires. I thought I had a high tolerance for blather- after all I listen to a lot of podcasts (and a lot of Leo), but I couldn't handle the Microsoft propaganda anymore. Attention all you people in San Fransisco and thereabouts- talking this glowingly about Vista and a company that doesn't really have clue what it's doing makes it sound like you've sold out! I don't see any news about Vista actually getting fixed, and when you guys really get into it, you all have to admit you need pretty beefy hardware just to get decent performance.

So there's zero news here; it's all talking heads changing their opinions. I, for one, don't believe you guys. Who did Microsoft buy? That's the real story.

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