Monday, February 9, 2009

Postcards More Dangerous Than Helpful

Our church was one of the many that did the postcard thing against FOCA this weekend.

I filled it out. I am against abortion, but I mainly filled it out because I was sitting around a whole lot of other people who are (presumably) pro-life and who do not yet understand the problems in this country.

The postcards have almost zero potential to change the vote of any elected official, but since we all signed and put our addresses on them, they have a much higher potential of being used against us.

We can't even make this country pro-life by voting in a majority of 'pro-life' officials; now we think postcards are going to make a difference?

Meanwhile, prop 8 backers are being exposed to harassment thanks to funding disclosure laws. NYT seems a little preoccupied with the map, but it is merely a presentation of data required by the government. Nothing a determined enemy couldn't find by looking up records in various places before the internet.

Well, at least I'll be in great company on the postcard map.

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