Thursday, March 26, 2009

Energy and Politics

Kenneth Green suggests Obama plans to strangle the United States by making it harder to get energy.

I'll hold out one lone stray hope that maybe Obama knows we can recycle alot of so-call nuclear waste, and dump the rest in the deep ocean- properly encased, of course.
Now, if you had read up on appropriate things to do with nuclear waste in the past thirty or so years, you'd know the crazy part of the last sentence has to do with hope and Obama, and not with how to deal with nuclear waste.

So defunding the Yucca mountain site signals we may have a problem.

All the other stuff is stuff idiot democrats do when they get into office. They often go after nuclear power too, but I was hoping their strategy would change on that, especially after Grey Davis' fall in California. For all their francophile ways, you'd think the Democrats would have learned something from the French too.

Inflation is bad enough. Lack of energy means we can't produce. This isn't just muddying the waters to the point where economic decision making becomes extremely hard, this means strangling the production process.

And it means killing Obama's re-election chances, especially if energy rationing starts happening, which is why I was hoping this would one area in which he'd actually do the right thing. He may still, for the Yucca mountain thing isn't the smartest way to get rid of nuclear waste, but things look pretty dire so far.

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