Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Slow Death Of Gordon Brown

After reading a few pointed pokes in the general direction of America from Samizdata like this:

Meanwhile, I wonder if we can persuade our American blogger friends to notice that the government of a G7 nation and NATO ally is, er, about to implode. I mean, I think that might even be of interest to The Community Organiser. Or maybe not.

I figured I ought to post something, just because, you know, I'm in America.

Anyway, Guido mysteriously got hold of a few emails from Damian McBride, who happens to be the smear propagandist for Gordon Brown. Guido wrote a coherent account of events for the Spectator, if you want all the details.

Guido published the emails, got the attention of the so-called established media (they took the story, but they have trouble giving Guido the appropriate level of credit), and the the public questioning began. McBride resigned, and Gordon Brown opened his mouth, whereupon he trapped himself. Brown clearly engages in extremely dirty politics and lies about it on national television.

So now folks in the U.K. are waiting for Gordon Brown to be cast aside by his own party, supposing he doesn't have enough sense to resign one of these days on his own.
Kudos to Guido, who may soon become the first blogger to bring down a government.

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