Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Reasonable Response

Southern Bread tells it like it is:

Only in our truly messed up culture can a man be charged with murder for killing a professional child murderer. It’s like someone getting arrested for stealing money from Timothy Geithner. The irony and double standard is just palpable. Folks, there’s a reason that there’s only a few doctors in this country who perform partial birth abortions. It takes a special kind of monstorous human being to be able to deliver a child - all but the head - ram a spike into the child’s brain, then stick a tube up in the hole and suck out it’s brains.

I figure I'll post the few coherent things I hear about on this issue, primarily because my feed reader is filled with tons of obvious condemnations of the murderer with very little decent commentary. It's the pro-life political activists, who appear to be hooked on politics, falling all overthemselves to look reasonable.
Well, ya'll look like politicians to me.

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