Friday, June 12, 2009

Switch-Over Fears

My local public television channel put up a bright blue bar on the screen and kept circulating text telling me that I was watching an analog signal and, oh no, I won't have a television signal if I don't do something. I could see putting this on every now and again, but I think they've been running with it for at least the last two days. I would suppose there are some extremely afraid T.V. execs who are thinking their audience will suddenly realize, post switch over, that there are other things to do, but PBS did this, not the regular channels.

Then I realized PBS has the most to lose. They have a smarter audience. An audience more likely to find something else to do. PBS has to compete with hobbies like reading, a pastime the American Idol viewer probably has forgot how to do.

I could buy a converter box, but I'm convinced the reason those things cost around $40 is because of the government coupon. And I have no doubt those coupons effect the price of digital TVs too. I may go get one this week or I may find other things to do. Most of the shows I watch come from the internet now anyway.

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