Monday, June 15, 2009

This Is Not France

One so-called conservative issue that I have never had sympathy for is having english as the official language. I prefer having a free market in language, thank you very much. In fact, if it weren't for the waves of patriotism experienced during the two world wars, we may have become a German speaking nation, for there were many German speaking areas and even German language newspapers all around America.

I believe practically every other nation on the planet has some form of official language. Frankly, official languages are a form of tyranny- not only for speakers not fluent in the official language, but for future generations who may find some other language a better alternative than the one we speak today. Indeed, language evolves, so are we going to force people to stick to English as it is spoken and written today to the exclusion of future changes to the language?

Can you imagine if all official communications had to be written with the same vocabulary and grammar found within the King James Bible? It's extra specially aggravating that this comes from the Republicans, those who pretend to believe in smaller government and in the 'exceptionalism' of America. Well, Republicans, if you legislate an official language you remove one of the last remaining exceptions that America has. I might as well go live in France- the tyranny is similar, but I hear the food is better.

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