Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Drone of An Invalid

Just as I thought. The more she talks, the more Sotomayor sounds quite incompetent:

Ilya Shapiro, at Cato@Liberty notices:

The more Sotomayor speaks, the more it becomes clear that these types of nonanswers, this inability to see (or lack of desire to express) a big picture view, is her own essence. It continues a pattern that is evident from her judicial opinions, which are mostly unremarkable and, in the neutral sense of that term, unimpressive. For all her career success and a personal story we should all celebrate, she is an average judge who apparently gives little thought to the broad swath of law and where her rulings fit into that.

We don't need the grandstanding, the 'wise Latina' comments, etc... Just let her talk. She's not capable, not only not smart enough to not make stupid comments about race, but also not smart enough to avoid stupid comments about everything. We could have used fewer speeches and more open ended questions. Literally, the more words that come out of her mouth, the more damning this is going to be, especially if she's confirmed to the court despite her performance. The court is already illegitimate, but it's hard to prove that to people who grew up with it the way it is; they can't conceive of what it is supposed to be. But just stick Sotomayor up there and you'll weaken it's reputation considerably.

Or don't and weaken the President's reputation considerably, as is already happening, if you put any stock in polls.

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