Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Strange Hero

Elisha Storm, for some as of yet uncertain reasons, chose to blog, complete with pictures, about the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Now, as you may remember when I wrote about Henry Gates, I tried to think about what things would be like in a free society. In Gates' case I thought it was highly uncouth of him to yell at someone who was doing something that would be a legitimate job in a free society, though I also pointed out that the officer's power to arrest him likely wouldn't be existent. In this case, I must applaud my new strange hero, for she is illuminating the very dark corners from which state agents do things which would not be acceptable in a free society.

Unfortunately, she is now incarcerated. Her last post may be a portent of all our last, posts- as Coyote suggests:
In the Coming Dystopia, the Last Post on Everyone’s Blog Will Be “Uh Oh, They’re Here”

Alternatively, we could figure out how to do what she was doing in a more decentralized and anonymous way and make it impossible for state agents to masquerade.

I realize that this one would be a hard one for conservatives. It demarcates the boundaries between conservatives and libertarians. Unfortunately, this is a line conservatives need to cross before anything real changes in this country. Continue to give the police forces leave to do such things to those you don't approve of, well, don't be surprised when they come and upset your tea party.

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