Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Unintentional Foodie Anarchist

Richard Nikoley reviews Food, Inc. Food, Inc. is one of those foodie documentaries that conservatives tend not to like because they seem, to the uninitiated, to be anti-business. But Nikoley notices the same obvious message that I did back when I watched Big Corn:

Now, maybe I'm seeing what I want to see here, but this film is more an indictment of government than anything else, and rightly so. After all, how would Monsanto be able to corner the corn and soybean seed markets, if government hadn't been for sale and Monsanto came forward with the cash (various euphemisms get used, of course)? And Monsanto isn't the only one. The film makes the point, if I recall numbers correctly, that four mega-companies control over 70% of the food supply in America (in the early 70s, it was under 20%).

I wonder if this sort of movement could inadvertently move many on the left out of the big government mentality, because here is yet another documentary allegedly intended to serve as proof for more government regulation, and yet it is apparent to at least one other human on this planet that this type of documentary actually provides far more proof that the government should get out of our food supply!

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