Monday, August 24, 2009

Government Funded Ninnies

I wonder, if these state funded junk science purveyors ever finally get it through their head that, yes, we do read your questionable studies, will they ever start getting the dim glimmerings of an idea. Currently, of course, there's the, "I can't believe we are even having this conversation because there all of these studies which prove x,y, & z, argument; I am now waiting for the "we need to keep our funding and jobs but make all our studies confidential and/or top secret so that the stupid public won't notice all our errors. God forbid we start feeling comfortable with cholesterol, or note that certain climatologists have destroyed all their data, or maybe choose not to get a surgery based on the fact that your surgeon can't find the studies she claims exist.

Obviously, after exhausting appeals to 'research' and authority, the average science person will simply be exhausted and find that further discussion of this sort will take up too much of his or her work day. Therefore, we will limit access to research results to people who will not ask any insufferable questions, for clearly what we need now is consensus and not repeatability of results.

This period of time, in terms of pure delusion across a vast range of subjects, is gong to be one incredible minefield of discussion among historians of the future, assuming, of course, that we survive its passing with enough of a society to have historians.

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