Monday, August 3, 2009

I Hope They Connect The Dots

First it was those digital converter coupons. The government handed out $40 coupons to help us with the analog to digital conversion this summer. Of course, they ran out of money and had to go get more.

Now it's the 'cash for clunkers' program. People seemed to like this one so much that it ran out of money in the first week! I'm sure it's a little inconvienent to folk who had their heart set on a brand new car this weekend, but I hear they'll be approving two more billion for the program real quick.

Is this the same gang you want playing with your healthcare? Can you hold off a little, push back your surgery date a little and wait for Congress to approve another few billion? I suggest it's far better to learn now, from these relatively harmless examples of bad government spending (although they are harmful because this represents billions spent by the government plus billions more spent by consumers who were incentivized to spend on converters and cars rather than, for example- healthcare, clothes, or investments) rather than learn later, through the inevitable shortages coming soon to a hospital near you.

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