Monday, August 31, 2009

Kick Modernity While It's Down

Our secular media attempts to canonize a Kennedy known for drunken debauchery, manslaughter, and formal cooperation with all sorts of evil- state approved murder of unborn babes included. It occurs to me such lunacy should be rather straightforwardly derided, and not merely derided but positively counteracted.

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's reputations ought to be rehabilitated, and in terms of sainthood, they both have far more claim to that than any Kennedy. They were, at the very least, reasonably decent people, and anything more than the mere superficial reading of history can establish Marie Antoinette's concern and charitable works towards the poor.

And should the Church, having previously shown a willingness to proclaim Orthodox saints as saints of the Catholic Church (St. Gregory Palamas being one), wish to proclaim the Romanovs saints as well, I do think it would be a double blessing; a gesture of unity with the Russian Church and a signal of the utter rejection of all that these two bloody revolutions represent- including unbridled democracy.

Of course, for such things to happen, proper investigations must take place. I don't think such things should be done for mere political reasons. I do, however, think that such things may have been left undone for political reasons, and, in any case, I think the two royal families that I mentioned deserve to have their good names returned to them.

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