Friday, August 7, 2009

The Right Side Of Wacky

I don't think the folks asking for Obama's birth certificate are crazy for asking, but I do think when they wrap themselves in an American flag, they are crazy. Which republic do they think that flag stands for? Every time they make a run for the symbols of patriotism, they just prop up the same government who tells them they have no standing and therefore can't even have a simple court case to determine whether or not Obama meets the requirements.

Historically, it's obvious that we are not in the same republic that we were in before the Civil War, before the creation of a central bank, before FDR, etc...
Fundamental changes have been made and are continuing to be made, such that today's conservative is pathetically defending yesterday's progressive agenda, while both parties continue the terrifying drive forward, to utter breakdown.

It's particularly sad that the pledge of allegiance is still being forced on children.

But sadder still are these poor right wingers who know something is wrong and want to stop the tyranny, and yet they grasp the sword, so to speak. Who will enforce the evils, the completely unconstitutional actions our government takes? The same people that enforced unconstitutional measures under Bush; the same police forces, the same military forces, under the exact same flag.

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