Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Larger Than Belief

The prevailing lense through which the bulk of American Christianity thinks is through one of belief. The problem with belief is that God is always bigger than what you believe. We are good at trial and error, not so good at theory. Unfortunately, every time we accidentally get something right, we tend to develop a narrative about how we knew it all along.
But, what we actually know is far less than we think we know, and this presents a problem for the American Christian; we tend to conflate our beliefs about what we know with our belief in God, simultaneously reducing our conception of God to a being easily understood by humans (which means something less than human, perhaps less than cats, for how many people can honestly say they understand cats?) and sacralizing our flawed assumptions.
God, great and unknowable, chose to come to us. We had no ability to come to Him, to know Him, without His revelation. This is the reason for the Incarnation, for Death and Resurrection, for Pentecost. This is God coming to us, crossing the great barrier, a God we could not know except through His own choice to dwell with us.

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