Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Race Nutters

The democrat myth about Katrina was that government failed because of George Bush's racism. Now, it appears that Obama's inevitable failures will be blamed on many people's racism. These people are probably intelligent enough to figure out when they need a hammer instead of, say, a screwdriver, and if they aren't, surely some subsection of them could be taught via demonstration. Unfortunately, this group of people seem to be incapable of understanding that it is the tool (government) and not the persons, whether the President or the people, which is faulty.

Plus it just plain makes me mad. Go ahead and tell me I'm racist. I'll no longer think we are having a reasonable discussion; no I'll think we are in the school yard and you've just started inventing excuses to hit me.

Most of the racists in this country own up to it, except for the black racists who think their skin color somehow denatures their bigotry.

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