Tuesday, September 15, 2009

True for Feminism: True for Everything

Novaseeker lays some blame at the social conservatives' door:

So, yes, I hold the right more responsible for what has happened than the left. The left was open and obvious about what they were doing – they are reformers, progressives and, to a lesser extent, radical revolutionaries. They never shut up about wanting things to “change”. They are quite transparent. The right, however, should have been fighting this war, and instead lay down its arms, for the most part, and blamed men for what was happening. That abject failure is what created the beast we see today.

There's that long list of issues: abortion, taxes, guns, drugs, divorce, law in general- progressives get in and do a massive amount of damage, but conservatives never seem capable of putting things back to rights. Politicians of either stripe are addicted to the power structure, and even for something apparently simple, straightening out the divorce laws in this country so that females would actually be responsible for the contract is tough to do politically. The divorce industry thrives, lobbies, and knows perfectly well it must have an unfair advantage over the party likely to own the most assets in any dispute in order for it to make any money.
The politician won't break up the racket. If he's a conservative he'll just smooth out the rough edges a bit, until the progressives get in again and come up with another outrage. Then the next 'conservative' gets to rein in, but not kill that monstrosity.

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