Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Relationship Here

Cafe Hayek has a post up about nanny state interference in marriage, in this particular case it's allegedly to help make it work. I want to comment specifically about the text of the poster Don Boudreaux put at the end:

“Engagement ring, wedding ring, snoring? It takes more than love to make marriage work. But whether shouldering a cuddle or a good cry, he’ll be by your side whereever your journey takes you. Find marriage and relationship tools to help you along your path to happily ever after at”

Yeah, that was written by a woman. A woman on a journey, which is apparently more important than her husband, her marriage, children, etc... Her 'marriage' is, apparently a vehicle through which she can be supported in her quest for, well, whatever the hell it is she wants. Zero mention of vocation, responsibility, loyalty- you know, any of those behaviors which actually end up making a marriage work. Nah, instead they have relationship 'tools', which is either an insult directed at the man, or code for 'advanced shaming techniques.'

I can't imagine the website is any better. It's tempting to go check, but I know what is and isn't healthy for me. Women who actually accept the feminist centered, ego stroking advice such as what surely must be on that site being of the latter.

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