Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyday Unfree Living

This weekend I had to deal with yet another toothache. I'm pretty sure it's an infection, not necessarily attacking one particular nerve, but generally making the right side of my jaw pretty unhappy. I had some painkillers left over from another tooth-related issue; the pain only came at that time from chewing, so it seemed more appropriate to just stop chewing rather than take a pill, which may or may not have dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, now, the pain is present regardless of what I do.

What would really help in this situation? Antibiotics. And this is why I titled this post the way I did; if I were living in an actual free country, I would have gotten antibiotics Friday night, rather than waiting right now, hoping my dentist will call in a prescription for me. Even if I were living in Mexico, not generally considered more free than here, I would have been able to get some antibiotics. Simple antibiotics which are generic and cost little.

No, instead I have to endure this crap for a weekend and then call the government empowered gate-keeper. Then there's the whole question of whether or not I am going to have to go in, thus incurring office visit charges, and whether or not they decide this is sufficiently dental related to be dealt with by a dentist and not some other medical practitioner.

I've heard all the scare stories about too many antibiotics making superbugs; maybe they could stop feeding antibiotics to the cows by the bucket-full and let the humans make some actual decisions.

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