Saturday, November 28, 2009

The People Who Have Advantage Take It

While it makes sense to me that we need courts in order to have some redress when someone tries to take our life, liberty, or property under coercive or fraudulent means, I've notice many go further into the nebulous realm of 'taking advantage.' I am not particularly sure what this means to the modern well-meaning liberal, but I do know the entire communist revolution was predicated on the idea that the poor worker class was being taken advantage of, and therefore anything was acceptable. Even today, there lies an immediate problem, namely the assumption that the poorer person in the transaction is the one who must receive the protection. This is problematic because such revolutionary thinking led to the most killing, ever.

In practice, naturally, it is those who have political power, and thus the legal right to force you to do something at gunpoint, who are the people who have the advantage. In elections, those who have not overwhelm those who do, so politicians are voted in who promise to take from those who have and give to those who do not. The politicians themselves, have far more power than any of us, and no long term interest in the health of the country, therefore they'll spend all they can while they are in office.

As people came out of subsistence farming and into the cities during the industrial revolution, their situations were often dire, but they were actually better off, and they would have continued to improvewithout political activity. Indeed, one could keep a czar, a class system, and various apparent inequalities in a country and still have freedom, because freedom and equality don't have anything to do with each other! Similarly, neither do elections have anything to do with freedom; sadly this is precisely the reason our Constitutional freedoms are routinely ignored- Constitutional freedoms are inherently undemocratic because they set aside realms within with the government ought not operate.
In other words, with just governance, life, liberty, and property must be protected, regardless of the will of the people.

Counterintuitive, I know, but if we can vote you into servitude, you are not free, no matter what anybody says. Perhaps those most enjoying the fruits of their advantage are people who work for Goldman Sachs, but ultimately, it doesn't matter. The cabal includes and relies upon the government, which relies upon the votes of people who simply don't understand this reality.
So, the pitchforks will likely come out, but the people will stab the wrong beast, and then set up the same pathetic system, one in which freedoms are incrementally eroded by elections.

Envy seems a most powerful enemy of freedom.

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