Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vaccine Calculations

Mentioning Wired previously reminded me of this silly article they had where they lumped everyone who has ever suggested getting a shot might not be a good idea into one punching bag and took a couple of cheap shots. Now, there's a real problem here because the difference between those who eschew all vaccines and those who don't want to take the swine flu vaccine are rather large. The swine flu vaccine makers have been immunized from prosecution so that they could rush to market a vaccine. This means it really hasn't been well tested, and nobody actually has an incentive to test it! And they want to scare us into taking this stuff because of a flu that's actually less deadly than the seasonal flu.

It just doesn't compare, doesn't even fit in with the childhood vaccinations for things that are actually likely to be deadly if you get them. There was a similar situation in the 1970s, and the vaccination was more injurious than the swine flu then; therefore one could actually make a sensible risk calculation and arrive at the conclusion that getting this vaccination now isn't such a good idea.

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