Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coffee Among The Heathen

The country's rather odious bogeymen, such as rascists, who aren't as thick on the ground as progressives would like to imagine, are nowhere near as dangerous to society as the sort of people who would be 'poetry facilitators.' Rascists generally want to be left alone; poetry facilitators need a modern state with which to incarcerate people in order to have a captive audience upon which to facilitate poetry.

I have to be careful discussing gender, because leftists will leap to the conclusion that I believe that gender is a social construct and then get really upset when I later say something that obviously contradicts that statement. It's blindingly obvious that gender is something that happens before identity; like the geography of the land upon which a city is built. Much of what passes for discussion on gender is silly, but apparently leftists don't realize they are the ones do the discussing and therefore they are responsible for said silliness.

Apparently when you mention to a leftist that global warming is a fraud, we need a complete reboot of climatology, etc..., the new response is to mention those conspiracy theorists who don't believe that we went to the moon. Of course, since this response is coming from a complete loon, she won't see a single thing wrong with then bolstering her argument for global warming by mentioning that she thinks ecologically caused catastrophe was what happened to the lost continent of Atlantis.

To be serious for a second, it seems to me that many ideas (and entire fields of study) are very much like demons, wrapping people up in chains and sucking the life right out of them. And I may be serious for quite a while longer yet, because this is what they learned in college, thinking they were trained to do; gender and sexual orientation have something to do with their identity because they were counseled that it was. And I may be angry, because academia, rather than being the place where people like me could pursue knowledge, persists in churning out spectacularly dysfunctional people.

I can't wait to see the college bubble burst. It's been running far longer than the housing bubble ever did, and it's done a lot more damage.

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