Friday, January 15, 2010

I Fear For The Survivors

So soon after a natural disaster, after the death of so many, the leviathan promises to smash the remainder of Haiti. The tone of so many news articles suggest occupation is necessary, so necessary that it should be called charity. Already, they insinuate the people are out of control and can't make good decisions for themselves.

Already it appears Haitians have been barred from leaving their country.

Just to be explicit, I don't think anyone intends to harm; I just think the collectivist mindset inevitably harms- they can't really see the individual and they will end up using force in order to achieve some 'greater good.' This is far different from having private charities go down there to help, with some means of self-defense of course, but not the tools for military occupation.

If you have a hammer...

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