Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Big Corporate Green=Big Corporate Fraud

Chevy Volt batteries catch on fire, and apparently, the green thing to do is not tell anyone about it.

Green technology, sustainability, fair trade, social responsibility, recycling- the list grows ever longer; if you see one of these words, it is quite likely the corporation is engaged in fraud. Enron used the green/sustainable vocabulary extensively, though most lefty types conveniently forget that and make them out to be evil corporate Republicans. They may well have been evil corporate Republicans, but anyone can pull this scam on you.

But of course they can pull this scam over and over on the very people they've pretended to educate all these years. Chant enough propaganda at a child and it will be very hard for him to understand intuitively that since recycling obviously costs more (which is why the scheme has to be subsidized through taxes), then it obviously uses more resources and quite likely pollutes more (trucks & chemicals at the very least).

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