Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The United States of Babylon

The United States is the largest trespasser in the world, and Occupy Wall Street is the military's incoherent little sister. George Reisman makes a great point about Free Speech and Occupy Wall Street:

The prevailing view of freedom of speech is a major threat to freedom of speech. Not only does it provide justification for actual violations of freedom of speech of the kinds just mentioned, but it also makes freedom of speech appear to be a fundamental enemy of rational communication. Speakers cannot address audiences, professors cannot lecture to students if disrupters are permitted to drown them out and then hide behind the claim that they do so in the name of freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech has been perverted to the freedom to babble. Oh, I suppose you could shout out something meaningful in a crowd, but it would be drowned out. We are permitted the freedoms of squalling children. You might as well be speaking in tongues, and edifying no one.

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