Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Boomer War Against Babies

Ah, it is the new year and Generational Helots is showing signs of life:

The sort of left of the baby boomers, Progressives, are trying to make the world one big pre-school playground where everything is equal and fair, and everyone is a great artist and really good and playing with sand… literally retarding any progression at all… and then the sort of right wing opposition to them, self-labeled conservatives, who have little awareness of anything cultural or essential that they want to conserve, just want to make sure that everyone doesn’t sin and so they pass laws outlawing sin, imagining that this will make everyone go to some sort of bland Calvinist heaven, a cul de sac in the clouds that backs onto an absolutely divine golf course.

Hilary is quite seriously engaged in making the world on big pre-school. Of course, people have a pesky tendency to go through puberty, which, for all their permissiveness, the baby boomers have never really been able to handle. What used to happen was babies would eventually happen and you'd put away your ego in order to help the little helpless cute thing. But, whether it's contraception or stern warnings against sin, the baby boomers frown on babies, and by extension marriage when women are most fertile, because it really screws up their preschool model.

Besides, they don't want the competition for our attention.

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