Friday, March 16, 2012

El Capitan On The Differences Between American and Italian Men

Captain Capitalism has a revelation:

What the ladies fail to see is that Fernando and Jon are the exact same guys, just an ocean apart. Oh sure Fernando has an accent, olive skin and speaks Italian, but they both "live life" (Jon plays video games, Fernando seduces naive female tourists), they both drink (Jon prefers Budweiser, Fernando red wine), they both live at home (though we interpret this as and applaud Fernando for "loving his mother"), and I guaran-freaking-tee you they BOTH play video games. Probably MW3 online, they're probably doing a co-op mission right now.

I don't quite fit in anywhere here, because I live alone, drink red wine, and don't play video games. I suspect it doesn't matter much, because the story is really about what the female imagines, rather than who the man is.

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