Wednesday, April 25, 2012

But Who Would Be Vice-President?

Kony 2012 posters have appeared near the local college.  Kony was one of those socially unacceptable child warriors that show up now and then in Africa, though I think my favorite of this type were some chain-smoking twins somewhere in opium country.  For those of you globally challenged, opium country is in Asia somewhere. 
Anyway Kony was a big deal a while ago.  It isn't clear that he's even operating anymore, and if he is, well he must be an adult by now.  Hardly distinguishable from all the other warlords.  Apparently some documentarian couldn't sell a documentary about Kony, but he has been able to sell bits and pieces of it as propaganda for a war that is probably advantageous for certain American corporations. 
The strategy of dumbing down American youth has apparently worked pretty well.  This can only be considered war propaganda, and yet it is no doubt being posted up everywhere by would-be hippies.  The posters are not even clear; I suppose many will simply assume Kony wants to be president.  There is some suggestion that Kony is the type of person that can make elephants lay down with asses, so those who think highly of bipartisan unity may look forward to voting for him in November.
I haven't had a chance to interview Kony and consider what he would do if he were in charge of America, but considering the Republican party has eschewed giving us any real choice, maybe we should seriously consider replacing the whole regime with a bloodthirsty African warrior.

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